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🌹Sadie follows🌹Lily🌹  • First fan acc for Sadie!!!♥️✨ •Started 25/4/18 • Sadie Follows •Sadie💖×69 commented x9 opens dm #sadieSTANley

Since it’s my 1 Year Anniversary I decided to try something new♥️✨ What do u think??
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A years difference I’m sososo proud of you Sadie you have come so far I love you and I can’t wait to keep going on this amazing journey with you♥️✨

I joined this fandom a year ago and it has been one of the best things I have ever done I have met my role model, friend, and sister by heart I have met so many amazing people like my ibf Sophie or Eden, Charlie, sude the list goes on and on. I have learned so much I have learned to accept myself for who I am I have learned to be myself and be unique and stand out there’s nothing wrong with that I learned that I am loved and that somebody cares I learned to not be ashamed of my body I learned so much from you guys over this year I would not change or take back anything that has happened this year. it’s funny how a year from now I started and now I am the best that I have ever been and I love u guys sososo much Thank you I love you to the moon and back and again Thank you Sadie for giving me the opportunity to meet these amazing ppl and learn from them so excited to edit more to do more collabs and meet so many more of you and learn so much love u guys thank u words can’t explain how grateful I am love you for now and ever and ever Love u soooo much Thank u Words can’t explain how I feel love y’all♥️🖤

Elimination Game!! I’ll be eliminating one each day💛Comment who you want to eliminate love yall♥️🖤

Here all all the edits btw just in case you wanted to see them!!♥️

Hey guys so we’ve been working on this for a while we hope you like it also even thought it’s late!! Happy birthday Matt we love u sm you have helped us as fandom so much and you have always supported Sadie Sophie Ben and Jacob so thank you you deserve it!!💜💛

Hey Sry I havent been active for a while I’ve been busy with a few stuff by it a new collab is coming out soon!!♥️ Also Sadie I am seriously so proud of u you have been in kp and your so talented and you deserve this sm I can’t wait for what’s to come and know that I will always be with you and on your side love u to the moon and back Sadie!!🌎♥️
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Shes growing ilu Sadie 💕💎

True friendship L♥️VE you both sososo much🌎💜
@sadieastanley @ciararileywilson

QWEEN u look gorgeous for #pressday3 can’t wait to see what y’all are doing today love you💛💜

@sadieastanley and @ciararileywilson on the #presstour for @kimpossible also They were on a billboard in Times Square that’s AMAZING can’t wait for the movie🎥 ♥️

Some of my fav Pics and vids from yesterday’s press♥️💛
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