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Sadee Schilling  Writer-illustrator. I 💛 books, especially kidlit. Mama to three inspiring (messy, loud & beautiful) girls. Colorado 🇺🇸 SCBWI

Work-in-progress. A return to my first loves: grungy, splattered #watercolor & #collage. ❤❤❤ #kidlitart #picturebook #illustration

I leave my writing notebook for a moment...she steals it. Every time. 💜

It was a fun weekend with my birthday buddy. Penny is full of energy and spunk and makes sure there's never a dull moment around our house! She wants to be a singer and a gymnast and a model when she grows up; if there ever was a girl with the confidence to do whatever she sets her heart to, it's this one!

@liveloveprotect My sweet guy is so good to me on my birthday (and every other day too) ❤

Exploring a new park and a "secret hideout" on this gorgeous, sunny birthday weekend!

My great hope for my 3 warrior-daughters is to cherish diversity, speak words of life & defend dignity for all. #womensmarch #JesusFeminist

She's been 8 for a week now, this sweet girlie who first made me a mama. Can't believe how she's growing up before my eyes. She's something special, I tell you--so gentle, helpful and smart. And already becoming one of my very best friends. ❤

A gorgeous day for a walk. We looked at all kinds of different footprints and made lots of our own #getoutside

The skies are still dumping white, but we're all smiles here on our first snow day of the school year. Éowyn made us pancakes ❤

Working on a character re-design. I'm going for cute but stormy #kidlitart #illustration #grouchy #stormclouds

Is that another angel on the tree? Or its opposite... ;) #catsofinstagram

Oh how I would love to recapture the confidence of this younger me, who, at 8 years old, would step into the batter's box and stare down a challenge to the pitcher. I batted clean-up and was proud of it! :) Back then, there was no such thing as "not good enough"; I simply did what I loved and knew it was good, no questions asked. Win or lose, there was joy in playing the game. Simple joy. When that's the goal, is there any room for self-doubt? #kidlitart #children #art #illustration #softball #choosejoy