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Sadee Schilling  Writer-illustrator. I 💛 books, especially kidlit. Mama to three inspiring (messy, loud & beautiful) girls. Colorado 🇺🇸 SCBWI

Made a little progress on this messy mixed media illustration. Not sure it's really going anywhere, but it's fun to experiment! #watercolor #gouache #oilpastel #coloredpencil

Messy #mixedmedia #painting work-in-progress

A detail from one of my very favorite pieces, a collaboration between me and my daughters that we created three years ago. I chose my favorite "moments" from several of their paintings and (with permission) cut hearts and other funky shapes from them. Then I collaged it all together into one piece. I love it; it has a permanent place on my studio worktable. I'm trying to get back to creating like this and allowing more happy accidents to occur.

I'm working into my favorite area of a #painting, adding a storm of #insects and trying no to be too precious with it. It's feeling fun, actually, which is a good sign that I'm not going to mess it up! So I won't stress. I won't. ;)

Trying to breathe new life into an old project, I've been playing with watercolors and messy mixed media again after a time of using mostly digital color. I'm noticing that I feel a greater sense of joy and I get completely engrossed in my work when I'm actually getting my hands dirty, as opposed to when I'm painting on the computer. It's not as easy to fix mistakes with real paint, though, but maybe for me, this element of risk will add a layer of life that I think my work was missing. Maybe my heart flows better through my fingers directly onto paper. ❤

The Big Answer Book. "Detailed answers to 300 of children's most asked interesting and difficult questions." Quite a mouthful! @jrzoch asked about this book, seeing it in a stack I keep on my studio worktable. Just a fun vintage kids' encyclopedia of sorts (1962) that I picked up at a flea market when we lived outside of Hamburg. Has some cool art inside, but mostly it makes me smile to look up and see it staring down at me while I'm working, as if the answers to all of life's questions truly lie inside. :) #artlife #inspiration #kidlit #deutschland

#watercolor test. I could just dive into these colors.

It was the perfect Friday night. #kidlit #art #watercolor #illustration

I made a new friend. I think his name is Barnabas but I'm not sure what his story is yet. #kidlit #art #illustration

Getting back to the creative tools of childhood and having so much fun! Paint, colored pencil and graphite on handmade paper. #kidlitart #art #illustration

Work-in-progress. A return to my first loves: grungy, splattered #watercolor & #collage. ❤❤❤ #kidlitart #picturebook #illustration

I leave my writing notebook for a moment...she steals it. Every time. 💜

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