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Sacred Booteometry  Stickers And a lot more. Worshipping the Booty, like we should be worshipping this Earth. Both are sacred. Here's the blend between the two.

Ill be back soon. I promise.
Life has thrown changes. Growth. And understanding at me like crazy. Like God damn, i have been working a fathom of hours. Breakdowns. Reups and comeups like mad. Im finishing personal projects and commissions currently. Then ill be up on that curve once more.
Keep your goals all of em in sight. Even if sacrifice is made to another in the mean time.
Also ill be doing live sessions of jist drawing butts. Very very soon. So if you trust the process, watch the process.


She had the patterns of stars inbedded in her skin.
The essence of the universe seeped out of her pores.
The stars spoke truth to the crystallization of her figure. With the fiery blaze of a thousand suns buried into her existence and soul.
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Only 5 packs left.
One lucky person will get an additional Booteometry Logo. And the last. At that.
Better hit that link.
#sacredbooteometry #sacredgeometry #rebirth #sacredpatterns #sacred #geometry #moon

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