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🌺🌴Kitties In Paradise🌴🌺  ThinkAdoptionFirst,Spay&Neuter & Support your local shelters. ★🌸Sakura 桜, 🐯Milo, 🍓Ichigo 苺, 🍙Ikura , 🍰Miru & 🍣Uni 雲丹★ 💌

✨🍓🎲📦Uni sends lots kitty kisses to everyone who saw, commented, texted us about our collar post the other day! I apologize I haven't had the chance to respond to everyone. I've read each comment and I can't thank you all enough for your support! #Uniくん is recovering well and back to his regular routine of chasing and harassing his siblings. I've purchased a multi cat Feliway plug in from @amazon from your suggestions so we will let you know how things go after we receive it. As you can see here Uni is getting the royal treatment from his @catladybox with the amazing goodies such as his strawberry catnip toy, teddy bear rug and love dice. I think he looks so sweet adorned with the Links of Kitty Love necklace. Pawhalo #catladybox for helping him recover in luxury and comfort! ✨🎲🍓📦

😿Yesterday I came home to Uni exhausted, salivating and gagging with this product in his mouth. I'm not sure how long he was trapped with this collar in his mouth He was desperately trying to take it off. He became so frantic he vomited, scratched his mouth raw on both sides and his paw was inflamed. My heart just broke to see him injured and hurt because I put this on him. This was our second #Sentry #CalmingCollar and he was fine for the 2 weeks with this new one. I've read about the dangers of collars so I made sure it was on a little tighter so he couldn't get his jaw stuck. I keep thinking that he could've died from asphyxiation. I'm writing this as many before me have that leave on collars can become deadly even with supervision and weeks of safe use. Please be careful when using these types of products. These types of collars will be NEVER be used in our household ever again. I'll take him being a naughty kitty over being a dead kitty! #SentryCalmingCollar

🌺Aloha it's me "Nermal Howard". I enjoy resting in my @thearnifoundation @kittykasa while I wait for my purrfect furever family to take me home. I'm 8 years young and have grey and white coloring. A32874591 She looks like she has some British shorthair, Persian features with that round and flatter face, shorter legs, fluffy tail and rounder body. (I took this photo on Tuesday so she may no longer be available but there are many cuties still waiting patiently) #OptToAdopt #HawaiianHumane #ThinkAdoptionFirst #KittyKasa 🌺

#Gingerlicious ✨Sweet Aureus a domestic shorthair orange tabby is waiting for a family to call his own. He is 4 years old and is 17.10 lbs. of pure love. (A32267160) Available at the @hawaiianhumane #OptToAdopt #HawaiianHumane This photo was taken on Tuesday so he may not be available anymore but there are many still waiting for a furever family to call their very own.

✨Such a beauty!✨ "Tigress" A34733991 was hiding under the bench but a sweet @hawaiianhumane volunteer gently scooped her up, wrapped her in a blanket and put her in this basket. She is 10 months old and a domestic shorthair grey and orange tabby. #OptToAdopt #HawaiianHumane (I took this photo on Tuesday so she may not available but there are many more cute fur kids waiting for their furever family) ❤

❤Sending lots of love to sweet baby Gus! Yes he's just as cute in person as in his photos and videos! #prayersforgus for a speedy recovery. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his siblings last year after Cat Con. Thank you so much. We wanna see Gus back at home with his family soon! ❤@omgdeedee

✨🌙#Uniくん needs some moon bling too! Welcome to our Ohana #MoonBear from @hanjipandesigns. Mahalo Hannah and Sarah for our magical new friend!🌙✨ #spokesmeowdelmonday #hanjipandesigns

🏀I'm a purrfessional ball player! ~#Ikuraくん (🔎Zoom in on his pink jellybeans 🐾💕) Ikura likes to play so much. I love to see him jump so high and with so much excitement. We have to stop when he starts panting but after a short break it's time to play again.😊🏀

😣😝The lurking doom of Monday and a slurp from a weirdo. There's no escape. Poor #Miloくん🍊 #Uniくん 👅Can't believe it's February soon! ❤

😽💋I just wanna kiss him over and over. Did anyone notice #Miloくん🍊has a beauty mark on his nose? Happy #WhiskerWednesday !❤

❤🌹The moment you lean in for a kiss and your date gives you this expression 😽💋😳🙅🏼🚫#nokissingonthefirstdate #oldfashioned #IchigoFiore 🍓 #ImNotPrude #ImJustHighlySelective

☁️😽☁️#Miloくん🍊 Caught in the act. Cuddling session with new BFF Cozy Kitty wearing the new @catladybox hoodie. Thank you so much for curating these pawesome boxes each month with such original items! 🙌🏻❤ Pamper yourself or gift one to a fellow cat loving friend! #CatLadyBox #MiloApproved 🐾 #OfCourseImCuter

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