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- ̗̀ may 28th 2017 ̖́-

hey guys! sorry i havent posted in a while, i'm staying away from social media for a bit while i study for finals, wish me luck! #studygram

- ̗̀ may 10th 2017 ̖́-

hey hi hello whatsup. today i went out with my friends and bought my mom some small gifts from lush since mother's day is coming up soon! ✨ i hope your week has been well!

- ̗̀ may 5th 2017 ̖́-

hey happy friday dudes! 💐 also ma grandma aka @valeriestudies just hit 6k and im so happy for her wowza. also i started watching dear white people and that has me so emotional someone take netflix away from me. #studygram

- ̗̀ may 2nd 2017 ̖́-

gm! happy may everyone ✨ this is my failed attempt to do a flat lay heh. enjoy

—do you have a favorite teacher? for which class?

- ̗̀ april 26th 2017 ̖́-

hey! 🌻 i'm trying to get some of my never-ending homework done today. i've been missing so many classes because of my braces and it's getting so hard to keep up :( ✨ anyways, have a wonderful day my dudes! #studygram

—what's your least favorite class?

- ̗̀ april 23rd 2017 ̖́-

biology notes! these didnt turn out half bad + imma use them to study tonight bc i'm pretty sure i have a test on it tomorrow :) #studygram

- ̗̀ april 21st 2017 ̖́-

hey guys! report cards came in today and ngl i was extremely disappointed. these past few weeks i've been completely out of track and i need something to help me regain my focus..

—how do you get some motivation?

- ̗̀ april 18th 2017 ̖́-

hey hi what's up 🌦 i have no school this week bc of spring break and i am super insanely bored + i have nothing to do rip.

- ̗̀ april 15th 2017 ̖́-

good morning. ☕️ today is going to be a relaxing day, i'm planning on staying home and relaxing + watching some of my favorite episodes of supernatural :) #studygram

- ̗̀ april 9th 2017 ̖́-

hey friends! 🕊 i'm sorry i didn't get the chance to post over the week, but the lighting was terrible and i always come home late so i don't get the chance,, but i'm back!

- ̗̀ april 1st 2017 ̖́-

good morning! 🌷 today's my bday and so i'm taking the time to post bc i haven't done so in a while rip. anyways, i hope you guys have a super wonderful day + work hard! #studygram

- ̗̀ march 30th 2017 ̖́-

hey 🌿 i'm going home from school early today to study a bit and work on some of my homework #studygram

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