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S A B R i N A  private events manager @ momofuku ko + + + + + proud wiener dog mom // NYC 🍕💕🤗 #thriving

What 4 years with my favorite person looks like. Hey @tylerroste, you wanna do it for another four? But seriously, no more than that because your 9 hung up shirts and jackets are really clogging up the closet. Love you!

Hmmmm....I guess this Mother's Day thing applies to me today too now? Hope @hoagietheweenie lets the world know he's grateful to the woman who picks up his poops and reaches down his throat every time he eats random shit off the sidewalk. #hmd

From 2014-2016 I frequented the Village Party Store quite a bit. Buying bachelorette party decorations, plastic flutes for my friend @henryclever7's proposal on Ellis Island and fulfilling insane last minute client requests. Here's a pic @tylerroste took of me outside of it back then. 🎉

Let's get some shoes. Let's party. #shoes #shoes #shoes #shoes #shoes #shoes

squad af

Apparently it's #nationalhoagieday. As if I need any excuse to share a pic of this pup! @hoagietheweenie, mama loves you and it's getting borderline embarrassing.

What perfection looks like to me: cheese melted over meat between two toasted pieces of bread. All. Damn. Day. #hamandcheese #notkosher #twonapkinsneeded

@tychomusic brings all the feels. Plus, not mad at @brooklynsteel. As far as big venues go, I'd rather be there than terminal 5 any fucking day of the week.

Thoughts on starting an instagram account for Hoagie? Feeling v conflicted and need a general consensus. Part of me thinks it's a wee bit too self indulgent, while another part thinks the world deserves the cuteness and who am I stand in the way of that? Votes below plz #stagemom

great weekend with my number one ☝🏻(tyler was there too) #hoagie

sunday brunch w/ the boys

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