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Sabrina Carpenter ♡  — Daily pictures & updates about the lovely and talented singer & actress Sabrina Annlynn Carpenter ♡; she follows #sabrinacarpenter

can you believe I’ve been supporting this talented girl since 2013? ‘cause i don’t, I feel so proud of my tiny and cute baby girl, i don’t know how to express how the feels right now, i love her with all my heart and I’m too proud. GO WATCH ALIEN MV ON SABRINA YT VEVO CHANNEL (link in bio) | #sabrinacarpenter

the phone also had an evolution! | #sabrinacarpenter

spring break starts today and I’m very happy ‘cuz finally i can rest from school and now i have time to post!
— "Eyes Wide Open" music video behind the scenes (June 14, 2015) | #sabrinacarpenter

Sabrina finally arrive to Japan and I’m too excited for her tour there! ❤️
— Sabrina getting a coffee in Los Angeles, CA (February 07, 2018) | #sabrinacarpenter

baby brina with pll cast❤️ | #sabrinacarpenter

looking good as always! | #sabrinacarpenter

another year in which this candid is still one of my favorites❤️
— Sabrina at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA (May 11, 2014) | #sabrinacarpenter

hi hi babies! fetus sabrina look like sadie sink lmao!
— Sabrina on the set of “Horns” in Vancouver, CA (Sep 29, 2012) | #sabrinacarpenter

sabrina & bts are going to the amas today and I hope to have photos of them together I need them!
— Sabrina’s Variety Hitmakers Portraits photographed by Chelsea Lauren on November 18, 2017 | #sabrinacarpenter

CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW PERFECT SABRINA LOOKS! IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER OMG! 💕— Sabrina attending @variety #HitMarkers event in Los Angeles, California November 18, 2017. | #sabrinacarpenter

i want more candid’s in la. this was three years ago and i love it!
— Sabrina Walking her dog in Burbank, CA January 15, 2015. | #sabrinacarpenter

I finally made a filter that I really liked and I think it's the one I'll start using in the photos for the new theme:) ❤️ — “Why” Music Video Behind the Scenes (2017) | #sabrinacarpenter

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