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Sabrina Fraser ૐ  • writer + spiritual wellness advocate • modern mystic + soul seeker • reiki master + intuitive “unlearn ~ be your own guru” ✌🏼💕🌎🌱🧘🏻‍♀️✨🔮

With only an hour left to the day, I want to wish my dear friend a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. How old do we need to get to know better? Personally, I hope never. It really doesn’t matter where our lives take us or how long it’s been since our last glass of wine, our friendship is always rock solid (peppered with self-imposed chaos, lots of loud yelling and belly-busting laughter) Happy Birthday to one of my “ride or die” girlfriends. I’ll always have your back ❤️👯‍♂️

Laughter. It’s a damn shame to go through life without enough of it. If he or she makes you laugh, and I mean that true belly-aching laugh that makes you feel like a child, you can handle anything that comes your way. Feeling grateful for @robfraser7 ❤️ ~ my energetic match and soul mate. #alignment “you’re a goof!” 🤦🏻‍♀️

✨ Blessed with another beautiful day on planet earth 🌎 +++ Feeling GOOD ~ As I often do, I kicked off my morning by doing something for me = yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️! I don’t always succeed at 5am mornings, but the days when I do feel really special. If you begin the day by doing something exclusively for your wellbeing, everything else will feel easy. Take care of #1 💕 👉🏼 Self-care is self-love in action.

✨ If you feel like you’re not moving forward or progressing, take a moment to ask yourself what you’ve missed. What lesson are you avoiding? Until you settle into your current situation, you will not be able to move to the next phase of your growth. Growth requires acceptance ❤️

Some friendships last decades... Happy Birthday Veronica! ❤️ I still remember the first time I met you in high school ~ you wore a baby pink track suit and huge hoop earrings but more importantly you had the BIGGEST heart and a rockin’ sense of humour. Luckily the track suit and hoops are the only things you left behind 😉. To many more years of effortless girl talk over wine and cheese 🍷 (also, we need more photos; I have a nose ring in this one for F sakes...😂)

Had a relaxing weekend up North only to return to a very tough sleep on Sunday night. This got me thinking about the importance of sleep routines, especially when you’re about to tackle a full work week. 🤔 I’ve lost a bit of discipline in this department lately and it’s especially important for someone like me because I have a very active mind (🤯). Time to get back on track because there’s nothing worse than a bad sleep to throw off your week! .
Here are my sleep rules 😴📝:
Rule #1 - No screens or food after 8pm
Rule #2 - No phones in the bedroom
Rule #3 - Keep a notepad beside your bed to write down any lingering thoughts or worries as they come up (or else they’ll just stay in your head)
If you ever have a bad sleep, when you get up in the morning remember you have a choice: decide not to give in to feeling “tired” - it’s all a mind game.❤️
Hope everyone has a great Monday! Feeling blessed to be able to work from home when things like this happen! 🙌🏼✨

The best thing about Mercury in Retrograde is blaming Mercury in Retrograde 👽🔮🤷🏻‍♀️ ( March 22 - April 15)
For those who don’t know: Mercury rules communication, contracts, negotiation, agreements, learning, technology, research, selling and buying. When a planet retrogrades, it’s actually in a sleeping state. So when Mercury naps, all the activities it governs are affected. Basically, space tells us that energetically this is a really bad time to make important decisions or to start new projects. ✨

“Are you guys sisters?” 💃🏻💃🏻 we normally just say yes.

~ VIBES ~ when is the last time you evaluated the people in your entourage? Whether you realize it or not, their energy can profoundly impacts yours. Negativity is a heavy energy and, much like laughter, contagious. Even if you yourself are not being negative or actively engaging in someone else’s negativity, your mind/body/spirit is sensitive enough to pick up on its frequency. Be mindful about what you expose yourself to. Passive decisions can have consequences. If you take an active role in framing your environment - through discernment and not judgment - your spirit will thank you 🙏🏼❤️ [Blog on this topic in process 📝]

✨NEW BLOG✨I realize how weird I get when I am forced to evolve. This staggering self-doubt will come up out of nowhere and make me question everything about myself - my intelligence, my competence and even whether or not I am deserving of opportunity. Some call it Imposter Syndrome, I call it self-sabotage. The reality: the world needs your discomfort 👉🏼 read more on my blog ~ link in bio 📝💛✨

Weekend vibes ✌🏼 listen Mother Nature - this snow thing? Not cute anymore. Show me the sun! 🌞 have a great weekend everyone ❤️💃🏻

She calls art her medicine. ✨ The Yayoi Kusama exhibit at AGO was really cool. I felt like I was either in a different Universe floating among stars or down the rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland style. Lots to marvel at despite the long lines. Regardless, I appreciate the art. Truly amazing stuff. @yayoikusamas

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