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Sabrina  Growing, cooking and living on the Tasmanian Riviera

Killiekrankie, Flinders Island


The barque Farsund as she is now and as she looked in 1912 before stranding on a sandbank in March of that year. She sailed from Argentina and nearly reached her destination, Sydney.
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Trousers Point, Flinders Island.
Such a special beautiful wind πŸ˜€
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It is time to say goodbye. The word inspirational is overused but it can certainly be applied to this place and, above all, its people. We have enjoyed an action packed week full of learnings and laughter. If you have ever considered coming here, do.
Thank you so much to all who looked after us here and at Ballymalloe House.
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More wonderful recipes and experiences today. Ready for it all fortified by my daily bowl of oatmeal porridge (BEST EVER) with Jersey cream πŸ’ͺ
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White Soda Bread, Brown Soda Bread, White yeast bread, morning buns, Spotted Dog (soda bread with currants and egg).
And now Sourdough: The Bread Shed rocks! Thanks Tim. @julie_gibbs @nolansroad @timanddarina @darina_allen
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Our first day has concluded. What a magical experience. The wettest winter in memory hasn't dampened the warmest of welcomes.
Can't wait for tomorrow. A few glimpses of the day.
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First day at school!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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Channeling Hannah Kent on this morning's walk in moody Ireland.
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Hmm, you don't smell quite right but I'll come and check you out...maybe not...

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