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💎Sabrina Ariana Carter💎  Single мoм💕 god kids🌼 вloggər💻 Anastasia💛Autumn❤️Ryaan💙 Chelsey💓Kayla💜 Mom & Dad😇 Rocky & Lyn✨


💕✨Catching Up✨💕

We sat down and talked for a while about the good old days. We had a lot of fun memories to talk about and discussed our kids❤️. My son is his god son and his daughter Asia Is my god daughter. She's the sweetest little girl ever. He told me how Asia finally met her mother after all these years. She's always been like my other child but I'm pretty sure my son had a crush on her at one point lol. Of course he wouldn't tell me thought because I'm mommy lol🙊. I took a sip of my coffee and said well enough about me, how have you been? He smiled and said "I don't mind listening". I laughed and said no no let's hear about you, how have you been? He told me he's been alright, just been focusing on his job and his daughters. That's sweet. We talked for about 2 hours, rekindling old friendships. Eventually I got up and told him I had to go, I had some more shopping to do and he said he totally understands. 😌 He stood up and hugged me and said we should go somewhere and hang out soon, movies, dinner, park with the kids, anything. I told him I'd keep in touch and let him know when I was free soon. He said he'd like that and then he carried my stuff out to my car for me. He helped me in my car and said "see you soon" then smiled. I nodded my head and smiled as he closed the door. Out of nowhere I had a sudden craving for chocolate covered strawberries🤤. My oh my😩

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🤓Rocky Espiinosa🤓

After I left the school I stopped by the bank, then by toy store and got Ryaan a first day of school present❤️. Once I left the toy store I decided I wanted some coffee first. I stopped by Starbucks to get. Frappe and ran into my best friend Rocky! We haven't talked in a while because of personal issues but we both seemed pretty happy to see each other. When he realized it was me when they called out my order he looked over at me then smiled. I was speechless because it seemed like forever since I've seen him😮. He came over to me and gave me a tight hug then eased up a little once he noticed my stomach poking out. He felt my stomach and said "wow congratulations". I thanked him then went to grab for my wallet and he stopped my hand. He smiled a little and said "It's alright, I'll pay." I told him he really didn't have to but he insisted. That's the same sweet guy I remember😌. He asked if I had time to sit and catch up and I said sure so he paid for my coffee, bought me doughnuts and bought himself a coffee too and we went to sit down. I'm pretty happy to see him again, my best friend❤️

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My heart❤️😇💕✨😇

👩‍🏫His Teacher👩‍🏫 •

On my way towards the exit I ran into Ryaan's new teacher Mrs. Laci. I guess she had a hall monitor watching her classes while she was in the office or something. She stopped me and said "Hey, you're Mrs. Rodriguez right?, I'm Adrianna Laci." I corrected her and told her it was Mrs. Carter now. She apologized and shook my hand and told me it was nice to meet me😌. I said nice to meet you too. I tried to walk off because the twins were right on my bladder and I had to pee like a race horse. She stopped me again and said she wanted to talk to me about the PTA situation but I told her I'd call her and discuss it because I really had to go. She kept saying "wait one moment" so she could run to her classroom and grab paper work for it. She seemed sweet but I was seriously about to pee myself so when she ran down to her classroom I ran to the bathroom down the hall. Not even a minute later I heard her walk into the bathroom. 😶 I used the bathroom and went to wash my hands and there she was....waiting. I dried my hands, took the papers and shook her hand goodbye. I texted my daughters father and told her I'd be by to pick her up after I made a few more stops. I have shopping to do and I have to get out of this school🤦🏻‍♀️

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❤️It will be okay❤️

On the way to school I brought my daughter to her fathers house and I took Ryaan to his class. I walked him in and found the door marked "Mrs. laci's Room".📖 Ryaan stopped in front of the door and when I asked him what was wrong he latched on to my leg and started crying. I felt bad and it broke my heart seeing him so upset.💔 I squatted down and wrapped my arms around him. He looked up at me and I looked down at him as he started tearing up more. I said "please don't cry baby boy because then mommy is going to cry and you don't like it when mommy cries right." He nodded and wiped his tears trying to calm down. While he was wiping his tears a little blonde haired kid came over and asked me if he was okay. I looked up and I noticed it was Ryaan's step brother Kyle Taylor, he has a twin sister Kaitlyn Taylor. He was about Ryaan's age, curly blonde hair, bright blue eyes and was holding his teddy bear close❤️. I told him he was alright and I gave them both hugs and I told him I loved him and I'll be back in a few hours then we can go see daddy. Ryaan finally smiled and said okay and kissed my cheek. Kyle gave ryaan a hug and told him it will be okay and then they ran in the classroom to play. I miss my baby boy already😩

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💕First Day of school💕

Today is my sons first day in elementary school and he really doesn't want to go. I tried giving him a little happy pep talk but he ran to me and hugged me begging me not to make him go🙁. I asked him why he didn't want to go and it's because the bigger kids. My son is only 6 and he's really small for his age but just like his mother, me, he gets really bad anxiety. He's going to be taking a bus with kids aged 5 to 14. I told him I'd drive him to school so he didn't have to take the bus.❤️ I wiped his tears and gave him a tight hug. I said "now look at me, don't be afraid of the bigger kids because mommy wouldn't let anything happen to you. If anyone is mean to you tell a teacher and if they don't listen then tell me when I pick you up." He nodded his head and said "okay mommy, can I see daddy after school?". I kissed his head and told him maybe, then held my stomach and got up.😌 I took his hand, grabbed his bag and put him in his booster seat. I thought this single mom thing was going to be hard but believe it or not, I got this😇

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Hey! The names Sabrina Ariana Carter. I'm a Single mother of 3 soon to be 5. I have a son named Ryaan and I have a daughter named Lexi and Chelsey . Ryaan and Lexi is by a man named Cole Deroux and Lexi is by my ex husband that I just so happened to be pregnant by and I'm having twins. Single mom life isn't so bad🤷🏻‍♀️. I work as a receptionist and full time mom if I may add😌. My mothers name is Eva and my fathers name is Xander. I have a little sister named Sophia and no brothers. I live in Raleigh, NC with my family and I love to travel✈️. This is my life and I hope you enjoy!💘
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