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Carl Ruiz  Food Network Opie Show. Guys Grocery Games. Diners Drive in and Dives. Financed Roland's Food Court Marie's Italian Specialties. Dishwasher.

I love a good pot-luck bar. Presented on paper here we have delicious stuffed mushrooms. And chili with hot dogs in it. Im in heaven.

Rally Spec 2.0 For the 🦊 Fox. Why do I have bad feeling I’m gonna make this car a tree ornament by the end of the summer. Never Lift. @gutenparts

Thanks so much for the bad ass lid @thecharlestonwatchsociety my favorite watch follow on the Gram.

An honest slice of Lemon Meringue pie. Eat Dessert. We are not animals.

For 13 bucks you get a sizzling ribeye with onion rings, melted onions and a pile of fries. Yup. I’m happy.

Am I the only one who sees a dog face?

Yup. I’m a big shot. Come see me (they have a bar) Let’s Party!!! Did I mention they have a bar? They have a bar.

Mortar these dried scallops into a paste with some lemon juice. Add this to your favorite seafood pasta dishes and the flavor you will achieve is on another level. You’re welcome

At almost 67° Celebrating one of the last days I’ll be able to function outside. I am enjoying tropical lunch to go with this tropical weather. Vietnamese summer rolls. Avocado shake.And a picture perfect bánh mì

I was at a place in Louisiana and they made wonderful fried chicken. I snuck around the kitchen and saw they used this. Give it a shot the summer. Tastes great.

The only person you can be good at being is your self. Love u all. Don’t let nobody change you.


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