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Zawjatul K. Abdul-Hadi   I love what Allah loves, I hate what Allah hates! Oh, and I'm marriedto a guy who stole my heart歹屢 Issa food page

He said he wanted a dollar worth of fries LOL

Oh, how I love this time of year! Back to the kitchen Good ole candied yams, BBQ chicken, spicy greens, tater salad, veggie Lo mien, salmon cakes. Stuffed burgers home made beans and soups and much more 踢

Sending a huge thanks to those who constantly correct me when Im out here slipping. Many will sit back watch you act like a fool and talk about you or cheer you on. Im human and out here just trying to please my Lord and live a happy life. If you really know me you know Im ALL about peace.. love and happiness. You know who you are .. thanks for the calls and in box messages Yall rock

.. and if its Farm Raised dont buy it! Its mandated that they label seafood. Fresh is best歹

Its creamy.. its crabby.. its all corny and its Good! Alhamdulliah! 綽毋踢奴

Creamy crab and shrimp bisque...Homemade @iamnabillah_ You were close.. a soup 奴You know me all to well 歹

If you can name it you can have some Oh, Thats crab meat in the back...

Double shot of Espresso! #mondaymornings

I am very passionate about this right here... been doing this since I was 11 and never understood its benefits. Hard work and belief in myself lead me to the unthinkable. I am grateful and I thank anyone thats ever supported me in any way歹 I promise to work harder.. to keep creating and find new ways to improve what it is I really love to do! In sha Allah...Meanwhile: Brunch for two.. lamb, grits, eggs and toast拎賤

Morning coffee儭 at its best! Dunkin Cinnamon Roll in my cup #earlymorningtings

Stuffed Halal breast! 玆all definitely see it #dinnersready

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