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Yesterday I had another bad siezure. I woke up in the emergency room strapped to a table.
At the moment I'm home recovering with the worst headache imaginable but I still feel the need to craft these thoughts.
I started having gran-mal seizures in 2001. Then I was denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions. My siezures were out of control leaving me at the mercy of these circumstances. I can't explain to you the horror stories I've expirienced, not necessarily with the care I received in these emergency situations (all though going through the county system gets very messy) but more with how I was treated after these episodes.
A for profit healthcare system is  PREDATORY! Even though facilities are available they deny you access to treatment and empower an army of collection agencies that will go at great lengths to destroy you. Ruining someone's credit, especially because of a sickness or accident is the first way to exacerbate illness including loss of housing, denied loans, etc. My credit was destroyed which purpetuated me and my loved ones into a downward spiral. And I am one of the lucky ones.
My passion for art drives my success. But I'm not out of the woods yet.
Now, I am someone who has expirienced this full cycle of our nation's healthcare system. Then, no access to comprehensive healthcare with a serious condition to now having access to healthcare, keeping me out of the spiral of debt and recieving treatment with dignity, to in the very near future no more access.
Now the Republican administration wants to trash the #aca WITH NO PLAN IN PLACE brushing aside 20 million people and using thier platform to attack citizens with impunity is a very dangerous road to walk down.
For me, I will carry on using my art and my children as inspiration. But, I have had to acknowledge the realty that at some point I might not wake up from one of these siezures.
You could imagine what I would be feeling right now.
But forget about me and put yourself in the shoes of parents who's child is recieving vital cancer treatment...
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This is a Lincoln quote in a recent article: "It's all ready happened here" written by @sarahkendzior
Frightening and insightful words.
I highly recommend reading this. Link to article is in my profile.....

Wood stain on found wood pallet.

Here is another clip from 2010, back when @foxnews decided to attack me for expressing myself. These people were willing to re-edit my content changing the narrative and manufacturing a campaign of misinformation about me using thier vast resources to create a hit piece on a national scale. You could only imagine the stress I was going through at the time. Their actions only compiled this stress I was experiencing as my health and finaces were crumbling. Stress is a major contributing factor to provoking more siezures. Because of this sure enough I ended up back in the hospital. But.....Obviously they underestimated me and this #art movement. #Healthcare #ACA #epilepsy ............................................
This group of "journalists" are a common enemy against the American people. @the_bill_o_reilly @misstripleem @ingrahamangle @foxandfriends
#fuckfoxnews #foxnews #puppies #trump #TrumpAmerica

This is a small segment of my response to @FoxNews back in 2010 after they tried to come after me for expressing myself. This video helps explain my intentions. I've been in this fight since 2002 when I had my first serious seizure with no access to #Healthcare. Are we supposed to stand idle as these ideologues tear us apart? Are we supposed to take this lying down as the rest of the world is watching? What say you?
#art #ACA #fuckfoxnews #foxnews

I will be happy to kill Jesus's puppies.... you people were traitors then and are traitors now.
@hannity @foxnews @misstripleem
#ACA #fuckfoxnews #Healthcare #epilepsy @politico

Today is the last day to sign up for #ACA. The Republican house plans to take insurance away from 20mill people including myself. Now if they actually had a plan then maybe we can consider the options.
I made this video in 2010 when I had absolutely nothing to lose. This was for a contest for Organizing For America. I won top 20 out of the nation. Once it was uploaded onto the Whitehouse website where I was attacked by @FoxNews #foxnews and the ENTIRE Right wing media. My family and I received death threats.
I suffer from severe epilepsy. I have seen the inside of an emergency room more times than I can count. I was denied all access to see any doctors to tackle my condition forcing me to be a burden on the people around me and my country.
I have been fighting for this cause. I will continue to fight.
I want to thank @BarackObama for helping me receive these benefits giving me dignity and respect under difficult circumstances.
Of course the #ACA is not perfect. It has disrupted some people's plans and caused frustrations, but I lived through the alternative. This alternative is hell......
#foxnews #fuckfoxnews #Healthcare #art

"In pursuit of black gold".....
Last of these hand pulled and embellished serigraphs from 2010 with the late Richard Duardo. #NoDAPL
Link in profile.....

"I Hear It Was Charged Against Me I Sought To Destroy Institutions"...
Hand embellished serigraph on rare holographic paper, inspired by a quote from a #WaltWhitman poem from the turn of the 20th century.
These words seemed relevant as ever....
I dug through my flat files and put up work that speaks....
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Fuck!! Had another nasty siezure today. I woke up in emergency room naked strapped to a table covered in piss.
Point being, access to #Healthcare is vital to my existence especially with the consistency and magnitude of my siezures. Our new administration believes I have no value to offer society other then been a burden to this country. This is all BULLSHIT!. #ACA FUCK PAUL RYAN.
I've used my passion to do more than most people in ten lifetimes, especially with sharing my #art. I've done best to share my practice of Empathy with others in difficult circumstances.
Repubucans wants to take away my access to Healthcare and 20,000,000 citizens.
Instead of wasting a $trillion on dismantling ACA why aren't we using those funds to help our country instead of being punitive and careless with our citizens especially the most vulnerable.
At some point where does this fight lead us and the people we love.
What would you do in these circumstances. How would you fight for your loved ones who are suffering.
@realDonaldTrump @SpeakerRyan

Flanked by to two Kings....
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