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1995 before the term #selfie existed.
Back when my height fetish was out if control.
This would have crushed Instagram

Paint drop in #nashville
2nd and railroad tracks.
Next to the jail.

Randomly I ended up in Nashville.
Did a little quicky for @adidasoriginals @journeysshoes
thanks @brandedarts

Letter structures come to life.....
Once the shapes are plotted the possibilities are endless.

Los Angeles California March 2017......

Welcome to the #gophealthplan Where the only way you are going to get that emergency surgery you desperately need is to pay $18,000 cash up front. This is how is was before the #aca . This is what they want now. @SpeakerRyan #ACA #gop

23k gold leaf, tarnished 14k silver leaf, mixed media on panel.

Says: Empathy is at the heart of our human experience. Without Empathy we will continue to spiral into our own destruction.....
I created this piece a few years ago as a response to the for profit healthcare system. There is no room for Empathy in a system motivated souly by profit using your sickness as thier cash cow.
Today the very proud GOP Klan and @SpeakerRyan presented their "repeal and replace" plan for the #aca .
GOP plan is to empower the private insurance companies over the well being of the people. It's is too convoluted to explain the details. But best believe you will face the hardships and challenges of getting sick in the USA especially with a system that does not recognize Empathy in this healthcare system.
Read for yourself, decide what's best for you but be ready to be except these hardships as the normal American way. I know I've been through this.....

Lit on hot chocolate......

Fun day yesterday with @zesmsk
Good seeing you @dorothyjhersey.

Little touch up today with @zesmsk

Pasadena California 2017.......

Yesterday I had another bad siezure. I woke up in the emergency room strapped to a table.
At the moment I'm home recovering with the worst headache imaginable but I still feel the need to craft these thoughts.
I started having gran-mal seizures in 2001. Then I was denied insurance due to pre-existing conditions. My siezures were out of control leaving me at the mercy of these circumstances. I can't explain to you the horror stories I've expirienced, not necessarily with the care I received in these emergency situations (all though going through the county system gets very messy) but more with how I was treated after these episodes.
A for profit healthcare system is  PREDATORY! Even though facilities are available they deny you access to treatment and empower an army of collection agencies that will go at great lengths to destroy you. Ruining someone's credit, especially because of a sickness or accident is the first way to exacerbate illness including loss of housing, denied loans, etc. My credit was destroyed which purpetuated me and my loved ones into a downward spiral. And I am one of the lucky ones.
My passion for art drives my success. But I'm not out of the woods yet.
Now, I am someone who has expirienced this full cycle of our nation's healthcare system. Then, no access to comprehensive healthcare with a serious condition to now having access to healthcare, keeping me out of the spiral of debt and recieving treatment with dignity, to in the very near future no more access.
Now the Republican administration wants to trash the #aca WITH NO PLAN IN PLACE brushing aside 20 million people and using thier platform to attack citizens with impunity is a very dangerous road to walk down.
For me, I will carry on using my art and my children as inspiration. But, I have had to acknowledge the realty that at some point I might not wake up from one of these siezures.
You could imagine what I would be feeling right now.
But forget about me and put yourself in the shoes of parents who's child is recieving vital cancer treatment...
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