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You're incredible. Don't let anyone or anything make you think otherwise. #truth

I posted this two years ago with the following caption: "I believe this with every fiber of my being. If we all treated each other with love and respect we would not have poverty, wars, famine, and would become a superior race capable of the impossible". #onehumanrace

Free yourself from mental captivity. Let love, kindness, humanity and knowledge fill your entire being and break the chains. #Voltaire #quotes

Accurate 😂 #Kurdistan is #Israel 2.0

He gets zero points for creativity. Seeing how this has been the only thing they counter my articles with. I happen to like my nose lol 😛

You can read my article at www.sarahabed.com #therabbithole #kurdistan #kurdish

Hmm....🤔 #kurdishreferendum

And you think they are going to give up the few they have? Just look at what happened when other nations followed US orders. Didn't work out so well for them did it? #dprk

2014, Time Magazine: "Massoud ­Barzani, The Opportunist

When ISIS threw the Middle East jigsaw puzzle into the air, the Kurdish leader reached for a piece.

What does it say that the most reliable U.S. ally in its campaign against ISIS is an imaginary country?

Kurdistan—Land of the Kurds—exists only in two spheres. One is on maps sold in bazaars wherever the Kurdish language is spoken.

The other is on yellow-red-and-green flags Kurds sometimes wave in the countries where they actually reside (according to maps sold everywhere else in the world)". https://sarahabed.com/2017/09/19/amidst-universal-opposition-to-krg-referendum-israel-stands-by-kurds/

#kurdistan #krg #kurds #barzani #timemagazine


#rocketman lol okay Trumpelstiltskin lol

Delusional..says the guy that has "Proud American" in his profile. I'm no where near Cali lol

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