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Juliet💙  •Svp 13 | basically multifandom •corefourgrp •shadowsgrp •valeriangrp



•Meet in the middle•
Can you believe I finally edited them
Dt: Audrey

•why can’t I kiss you-•
Lucayas development also I’ve decided I’m gonna stop hating on most ships like rucas bc then I don’t really have the right to get mad when others do
{ #corefourgrp #lucayagrp #lucayaconw4 }

•but never better•
My bbys are kinda coming back
Cc: idk 😐

•count me in•
This was when I was trying to work out how to do the split screen thing pls excuse the shittyness
Ac: astrologcy
Cc: idk
Dt: lucaya shippers

•And then I’m like•
Caroline thought klaus would never change and cami saw the good in him and knew he didn’t need to
Where my klamille stans at
Cc: cosmicedge
Ac/Ib: klamilleslays

•In love with the thought of you•
My favourite friends w/ benefits who got married
Ac: theroyaldiner
Cc: me
Dt: Isa who I love 💞

•I guess that means•
Cc: evilherself
My transition
Dt: rowbrina shippers {#corefourgrp #shadowsgrp #valeriangrp }

•you’re a part of me•
Happy Valentine’s Day to my friends who I love so so much 💞💞💞
Cc: sailorsmadison
Ac: xcarringtons

•my love•
I love her so much 💞
dt: cass & isa
Cc: cosmicedge
{ #valeriangrp #corefourgrp }

•unapologetically in love•
My underrated otp that got the endgame they deserved
@sunlitsun 💞
Ac: mine give credit
Cc: multibrini

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