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YA💕  ~sо тоиigнт iм макiиg fяiеиds шiтн аll тhе сяеатцяеs тнат аяе нidiиg тнеяе циdея му веd~🧞‍♀️

love yourself like Saara does❤️self-confidence makes you beautiful

she’s such a great role model & inspiration
happy Friday 13th everyone🤓 @saaraaalto #saaraaalto
#qotd any superstitions?
#aotd I wouldn’t walk under a ladder😬😂

I know I have no life:) @saaraaalto #saaraaalto
haters back off! I love Saara and that’s it if you don’t like her it’s not my problem😊❤️

and that moment when you don’t invent the #qotd ..🙄😂

my touch is such a BOP💯💯
new meme guys! tag your friends😛 @saaraaalto #saaraaalto -
#qotd what’s the craziest roller coaster you’ve ever rode?
#aotd probably “Hype” in @sarkanniemi 🎢

found this & yep my wig is gone PERMANENTLY @saaraaalto #saaraaalto -
good night or good morning🌚🌝 you who are reading this, you are beautiful. I love you. know that🌺 sorry but I’m writing this at 1am😛 tell me in the comments what are you doin’ atm

#qotd what would you steal from Saara?
#aotd everything lol. her voice definitely❤️

hello guys I’m back!!

happy holidays everyone❤️remember that sun is shining and so are you🌞💗 @saaraaalto #saaraaalto
#qotd what’s the best thing about summer?
#aotd AMUSEMENT PARKS. and ice cream🍦😋

@saaraaalto @yvescueni @kanehorn_ 😁😁

Good night👽

it’s Saara Aalto guys

here’s this quick meme before I go to school💕
#qotd what’s your favorite animal?
#aotd maybe a horse
@saaraaalto #saaraaalto

cute memes🦑Meri is also beautiful

#qotd who’s your favorite actor/actress?
#aotd omgsh I have many but Johnny Depp, Adam Driver, Jennifer Lawrence, Daisy Ridley etc.


my darling looks a m a z i n g 🤤

Saara was so good yesterday at Israel’s party🎤her vocals are insane😱😱 @saaraaalto #saaraaalto and can we talk about that how beautiful she is??❤️❤️I’m so happy that #wildwildwonderland is doin’ well💕💕😍also @xfactor_suomi FINAL is today I really hope that @tikasl wins but @hannamaariatuomela you are so amazing too😫😫💋

#qotd what are you afraid of?
#aotd spiders😂😂🕷


happy saturday! it’s so warm here in Finland atm😍😍love it @saaraaalto #saaraaalto
#qotd do you have any pets?
#aotd noup my mom is allergic😞

hi legends

I can’t choose ‘cause she looks stunning in both😍😍good night😴 @saaraaalto #saaraaalto
#qotd your fav Netflix series?

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