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Saara Aalto  Pop artist - Wild Wild Wonderland out NOW!! Management: Saara Aalto Tour Tickets 🔥

My babies, have a great weekend 😝
Im performing tomorrow at G-A-Y 😉🔥Let’s party together! I miss you all 😘
This amazing photo by @cosmofinland @ottopa
Style by @vesasilver
Make up and hair @heidireponen

Aurinkoista perjantaita ☀️ Lissabonissa koettiin ainutkertainen meet&greet, käy tsekkaa tunnelmat 😘 ->

The glamorous reality. A good idea to make your dancers sing? 😂😘
#monsters #saaraaalto
@yvescueni @kanehorn_
Thank you @saaraaaltofanpage_ for making this 😍❤️

Thank you @eurovision for letting me be part of your history. It's such a beautiful event with great energy and love that everyone should experience. All the contestants were super nice and talented and this year the winner was Israel's super girl @nettabarzi 😘🔥❤️
I'm so proud of my song and my performance and felt amazing on stage. So happy to have met all those fans who are supporting #monsters and who said they're listening to #wildwildwonderland when traveling home☀️✈️ Thank you all for helping me make my Dreams come true. ❤️
Now I'm so ready for a new chapter in my life. 😍😍 which door will open? Which mountain will I climb next? I'm empty and open for new things to come into my life 🙏🏼 universe bring it on!! 💪🏼🎉❤️
I promise you we're gonna have fun together 😉😉🌟
Love, Saara xxx 💗

‪People ❤️❤️ Thank you my fans for being there with me! Love you 😘 ‬

Let’s do this!! 🇫🇮🔥🎉❤️ #saaraaalto #monsters #eurovision2018

Tonight you must vote for Finland or else.. 😉 number 17!!! Lots of Love❤️❤️ #monsters#eurovision#eurovision2018#saaraaalto

I ain't scared no more ❤️ Vote #17 Monsters 🇫🇮 #ESC2018 #Monsters #SaaraAalto

HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH! MONSTERS!This Is the monster I found under my bed and brought him to @eurovision 🇫🇮🔥❤️😘 OMG! @lordiofficial #Monsters #Lordi #Eurovision #ESC2018 #17 #SaaraAalto

My styles from Finnish National Finals of Eurovision in 2004, 2011 and 2016! 😍🙈
#tbt @eurovision #eurovision #euroviisut #saaraaalto #monsters

Käykäähän tsekkaamassa mun eiliset fiilikset 😉💕 - >
Ihanaa päivää kaikille 😘☀️

Yesterday was a big day for me (and for all my supporters and fans all over the world!)❤You all know that everything is meant to be and everything happens when the time is right... and sometimes it means you have to be patient for years and just keep on believing and working for your dreams loving every single step you take.❤ This life has made me a fighter, an underdog with heart full of passion and determination. But I also have an army. You ❤
This could NOT happen without you. You are the ones singing my songs, listening to my music, sharing my story and that means more than winning any competition. That love inspires me to do music and there's so much more we can do together 🔥
EUROVISION final here we come! Strong and fearless ! #iaintscarednomore #monsters #eurovision #eurovision2018 @eurovision

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