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Sandy Rhee  saved by grace † home is wherever kenny is❥ ⤵️ @ethos_co | code: SANDY

he spent 18 years of his life raising me and taking care of me the best way he knew how. I spent a lot of those years wishing I wasn’t brought up by overprotective grandparents, who never let me go out past sundown. looking back now, I wasted all that time feeling this way when I should have been telling him how grateful I was that he was raising me to become the person I am today. happy father’s day to the legend; who is lively and energetic beyond his years, loves candid photos more than any instagrammer I know, and always reminds me of God’s unconditional love for us. 할아버지 사랑해요. ❤️ #happyfathersday #grandpabear #myrock

I’m so honored to have been apart of this special day. Congratulations, Mrs. Phillippi! Cheers to your new chapter! ❤️ #finallyphillippi #bestiesfortheresties

when I count my blessings, I count you twice. happy birthday to my best friend, my other half, and the one who knows me better than I know myself some(most of the)times. ❤️ #myperson #nomorelongdistance

you can find me in the mountains. snowchella 2018 ft. dave’s run ❄️ #mammothstories

this day crept up on me a lot sooner than I had anticipated or wanted it to - there’s still so many people I wish I spent more time with and things I wish I had done...but I guess that just gives me more of a reason to come back to visit! until next time, arizona, you’ve been so much fun and you’ll definitely be missed but my chapter here has ended and it’s time for me to head back home. next stop: california 🌴✌🏼 #aztoca #movingon #ontothenextseason #Koda #dogsofinstagram #byeeee

How good is our God who orchestrated our lives in such a way that I get to experience and share one of my biggest life successes with one of my very best friends. He sure is good. I did it, I PASSED! #BCBA

When I first met the Winkyaw/Stockton’s on Christmas 2014, I found out that Caleigh and I were in the same field of work. Then her mom said to us, “you guys can go through your masters program together, work together, and be best friends!” We laughed it off but little did we know then, that this would be exactly how our friendship would unfold. Since then, I’ve been invited to every birthday party, holiday gathering, even casual Sunday night family dinners...I have felt so loved, included, and cherished that I didn’t have room to feel “alone” anymore. God was gracious and knew what my heart was missing: He gave me a family to call my home away from home. You all have been one of the biggest blessings that has come out of my chapter here in Arizona and I will never be able to tell you enough how thankful I am for you. ❤️ #CasaDeWinkyaw #thankyou #wheresLevis

Almost 8 years ago, I left everything I knew behind me - my family, my friends, my hometown - to move out to Arizona all by a place full of unfamiliarity and uncertainty. I’m not quite sure what I thought I was searching for back then but what I did know is I wanted to venture out and grow up, be independent, and find myself in a world that was so much bigger than the city I was born and raised in. In the almost decade I’ve been here, I’ve graduated college, found my calling in a field I’m passionate about, pursued my masters degree, been through the highest highs and the lowest lows…you name it, I’ve been through it. It’s a bittersweet feeling to have to say goodbye to a place I have known to be my “home” for so long but I know that God is calling me back to where I belong: with my grandparents and family. I’m beyond thankful for all the opportunities and relationships I’ve had here and I truly would not be the person I am today without it all. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who have helped me make the best out of my time in Arizona and the time away from my family a little easier because I would not have gotten through these 8 years without you. With that being said, “it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.” ❤️ #thankyou #imcominghome

thank you for spending our weekend driving me all over SoCal to spend time with my family. I’m a couple days late but happy anniversary, sweets! congratulations for sticking with me for an entire year. 🙃 you my fav. 💕 #octophx #happyanni #myperson

if you know me, you’d know I’m very particular about having things planned in advance but in the past year or so, God has been teaching me to really enjoy this whole spontaneity thing and how sometimes, some of our best memories come out of the most unfamiliar places. plus, having this guy by my side makes it all that much better. and just like that, our first trip of the (late) season is in the books. #myperson #catoaz #mammothstories

A year full of laughing so hard we cry, putting hundreds of miles on our cars every other weekend, video chatting to sleep every night, adventuring into nature, and being there for each other despite the 360 miles in between us. Praying 2018 will be filled with all of that, more snowboarding trips (of course), and to never stop looking at each other the way we look at the waiter bringing us our food. 🤤❤️ #myhuman #catoaz #ldr

happy halloweekend from your friendly neighborhood Stone Age friends: Pebbles, Bamm Bamm, & Dino! 👻🎃 #diycostume #goodnight

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