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Where's your head at. @permanentvacationskateco and some hd filmer

In honor of st Patrick's day im posting something green. My first photo of @yankondeez Wallie fs rock. im having a photo show tonight behind the redfox dumpster

Sf is for da boys. Thanks @mattbrowneeee

Real sk8ers. #freejimmy

All 2 of my clips from sk8 locos vid. @yankondeez made a masterpiece. Now time to get serious and focus on the ytrap vid premiering end of the month. Right @blakation ?

Old footage from the archives of soty @kwalks always killin it

Happy birtday @p_v_s_c_ . A true og genuine legisimo hem. Been killing it for years and still more to come. @permanentvacationskateco

I just want to give a major shoutout to my hemmie jr. Happy bday. Our first trip to Vegas thanks to t hawk. Ps happy birthday @bummer.dude . My new fav.

Hey mr tambourine man shotgun a beer for me

@mojovato and I are ready for sk8 locos 3 premiere. No pressure @yankondeez

So hyped on this @scottkane free lunch. One of my favs growing up. Every answer was gold. @ridechannel

Trying my best for sk8 locos 3. Give me 1 chance @yankondeez please

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