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Shane Dorlag  AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Bukiya Power Lifting Affiliate/Distributor Online Coaching Or In Person Training 📩 Shane.Q.Dorlag@gmail.com


Whom does Boston serve?? SHANEUMAN

Had an amazing day today @thecapitalcitybarbell and can't thank my coach @colindewaay enough again for taking the time to drive all the way from Tampa with his family, to help me at my meet. Everything I hit today was a PR with an all time 440.9 lbs squat/330 lbs bench/478 lbs opening deadlift to qualify me for me OVERALL goal, Raw Nationals in Orlando this October! Thank you guys for the messages and the encouragement that seriously never goes I appreciated! We DID IT Fam‼️ #FBGD ‼️ That was for YOU @coltondueitt Happy Birthday my #Day1Ninja

Ready to rep for my state today‼️ It's bitter sweet coming back home to my birthplace to do what I love and when my coach @colindewaay told me about this meet in Tallahassee, I jumped all over it with no hesitation.

Thanks to everyone who follows me and supports me whether it's you telling me you enjoy my "TIP OF THE DAYS", my Snap videos starring the one and only @ashleyalverson, or just my overall content. It means a lot, I'm here for you guys! I love you all‼️ in the words of @lsmcclain LET'S EAT!!!

When my sister snaps me behind the scenes of #MargaritaVille #HappyBirthday @taradorlag #ILoveYou

I mean RIGHT??! @soheefit Kinda going off/inspired by your toilet paper analogy here 😂

Breathe, Brace, Breathe, Brace, Breathe... Did some sets of 5 tonight (4 shown here) with 400 lbs. Funny how my second rep looks and felt so sloppy but I was able to take my time and bang out my last three reps just by breathing correctly and bracing my abdominal wall against my @bukiyanet belt. If you're just getting started in weightlifting my biggest advice that's always under looked is breathing correctly and taking your time. It's not a race‼ #3WeeksOut #2SetShawty

Cabaret 🌹 with my #KittyCats 🐱 #LastNightWasPURRRfect 🥂

THISSS is what it's all about. I post every single day on my Facebook a "TIP OF THE DAY" whether it's about fitness, nutrition, or overall health. It's so awesome seeing two good buddies of mine trying things out themselves and seeing results... It's what the fitness industry should be all about! Like I said to them, I'm only one person but if my "tips" or advice can help someone out and hopefully spread to others, I feel like I'm living up to my purpose and that's to help others‼ 😎 #FitFam #IIFYM #DoYouEvenScience #EvenThoughImTERRIBLEAtChemistry #AndCollegeAlgebra 😔

I'm BLEM For REAL I just might say how I feel... 😎🌴🍹 BINCH is feeling amazing, 3 sets of 5 pauses with 300 lbs for an all time #PR strength is going up! I'm in a bit of a surplus and it's been working wonders for me. #UnRuly #ItsABenchTing

So proud of you @ashleyannalverson ‼ Her first full meet she PR'd in all her lifts and SMOKED all of her pulls in the deadlift finishing with a P Awr (Ashley Talk) with 231.5 lbs‼ You GO Ash 😊

More Squats, More Squats, More SKWAATSSS 390 lbs for 2 sets of 5. April 22 🔜 #MoreLife 🌺

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