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We need your help to make HIV/AIDS history. For every hand-heart photo you post tagging @kiehls and #LifeRide9, $30 will be donated by Kiehl’s to @amfar whose mission is to find a cure for HIV/AIDS by 2020.
Today is the last day of LifeRide! So have a heart ❤, lend a hand (or two) 🤲🏻 and post a pic. Let’s make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past. And please help us to spread the word by tagging three friends. Thanks @abramov_lex for tagging us! 😘

Remember ☝🏼, 1.1 million people in the US are living with HIV/AIDS and more than 100 new cases are diagnosed every 24 hours. 1 in 5 new cases are young people between the ages of 13-24. We’ve come a long way, but we still have work to do. Let’s do all we can to make a cure in 2020 a reality.


This #tbt is in memories of my first time in #nyc to be with the man I fell in love so deeply. 🧔🏼♥️👨🏻


Always an adventure and fun with this one. Thank you for a great weekend full of excitement, happiness and tons of love. Thank you to my one and only @k_c_n_y_c and to our friends/family who made all this happen @samarashutkind @saschathewarriorprincess @travis.nyc @mattymaggiacomo @djaaronaanenson @tomdilandro , TJ and Rich ♥️

Flashback to our German family today. We miss you and look forward to October for an exciting winter in Germany ♥️

One week ago you changed my life completely. You gathered our friends around you in the middle of our special place. Coming from work and thinking we would spend time with our boy, I had no idea what was gonna happen the next minutes.
I will never forget the words you said in that moment. Words about our outstanding past, our exciting future and our incredible love that combines us. We both always knew this is just the beginning of something really special. We both felt “boyfriend” is not the right word to describe us as partners. It just felt not appropriate for the outstanding relationship and deep connection we both have built together. Together as the best team, together as soul mates we worked hard to make this point of our life happen. We became a unit that I never would have imagined could exist. When you asked me “Willst du mich heiraten?” we became what is meant to be.

My fiancé, I love you from the bottom of my heart and I will give you the future you deserve as this incredibly handsome, caring, loyal and loving man you are.
You and me angel - just us - one family.

Will never forget my first time in this beautiful oasis with my family 🧔🏼👨🏻🐶 #tbt


In this heat you have to keep an eye on your sausages 🌭


The pink door 🌸

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