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sarah🍃🍉  Beijing娃 | wanderer☀️ Engineer👩🏻‍💻 at Facebook |📍Bay Area Weekend photographer - DM me for a shoot! 📷

A long overdue weekend getaway..braving the sea winds🌊 again! 冻死我鸟

My favorite 🎂(ladymmatcha!), from my favorite city(newyork!), by my favorite ppl(👫👩🏻‍🔬👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻!) I’m a very happy girl👧🏻

Long time no instagram~ trying to find a picture to post, and all I have are pictures of wall paint 🎨s and wood floors🤷🏻‍♀️ 最近结结实实的病了一把 谢谢小伙伴们各种贴心的照顾 我是幸福的小人儿~

Last week, I got the keys for my first ever house on this continent✨ first one in my life under only my name! making that 94025 my home zip🌵

早上被心脏疼醒 觉得最近因为房子和工作的事情真是压力大到一个身体无法handle的境界 还好就快要风平浪静了 我要好好休息放松一下 拜托可不可以不要再给我来暴风雨了

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🍋 moment



I remember wandering along the beach in Barcelona at midnight, and felt I found a home in the Bay Area for the first time with the five of us. Thank you for being a big brother, a 复旦学长, a patient listening ear to my endless annoying ramblings. I know you’ve been lucky, and will be in good hands with such a lovely, kind and bright girl. Wanlu, I’m forever thankful for that one weird dream you had the other day that brought us closer, I can’t wait for our adventurous trips together! Congrats my dearest, I’m so so fortunate and thankful to be part of this day. ✨


🚁 from the bay to LA, taking my brain away for a little break🌵

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