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Confessions🌞  dm us any confessions you have ✨👅🌿💎 account owned by two girls 💁💕 all confessions anonymous 🌚


Dream date: buy me Pokecoins and don't talk to me or look at me or interact with me in any way

When you forget to post for a whole year #oops

Sounds like a dream day for everyone on tumblr lmao

This is why I'm afraid to make internet friends.

Qotp: how often do u take selfies?


I've never sent a nude and I never will. My body is ugly naked anyways😂

What's your favorite lana del ray song? :)

a lot of 1D fans can relate

The idea of exchanging nudes with a family member disturbs me😷

Qotp: what's ur favorite kind of donut?🍩

13 + 16 year old isn't good. This girl sounds thirsty and ignorant and you're doing the right thing by trying to help her. Hopefully one day she realizes that you're just trying to help.

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