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It’s by the hand of your own ability that you’ll arrive at the places you want be

“I love goooold”

Under many layers of fear I fought against the things I love and want in my life. I was afraid to sing, paint or pursue anything that would be accompanied with outside opinion/struggle. Last year I decided to work on my relationship with fear and step into that dark pool of insecurity. Learning to leave the comfort of what I know in order to grow in the places I lack. I still don’t feel like I’m where I want to be in any of my creative pursuits but I know that the effort I’ve put into it has brought me closer. I’m only saying and posting this because I know one of you A-holes is being held down by similar fears. If my lazy a$$ can do it then I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to figure it out. Pursue the things you love and want in your life. How will you ever be able to find comfort or peace with a mind & heart full of the dreams you didn’t pursue? #sing #art #fear

Ruled by 3

Easily tangled

“Sometimes shit just happens; sometimes it’s outside the house and sometimes it’s inside the house.” -Doug 2 Doug #dogs #mansbestfriend #buds

Cutting over or floating above the light too often


Many moons to come

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