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San•juan•a  Proud Mommy👫 Nurse💉 Student 📚 Softball mom ⚾️ Football mom/coach 🏈 Powerlifter 🏋🏽‍♀️ Best comp # 138kg/ 73kg/ 150kg @ 67kg

I’m still alive! Totally not feeling myself since I haven’t been to the gym in 77 days. Weight gain and muscle loss will do that to a girl. Struggling with some depression related to the change in lifestyle and loss of personal time but it will all be worth it one day 🙌🏽 #imisstheiron #imissmygympeeps #yesimcountingthedays

Haven’t been to the gym in four weeks because of this whole adulting and responsibility deal I got going on so here’s a picture of my cat 😺 #imstillalive #justbarely #teamnosleep #whatdayisit #imissedtrashdayforthesecondweek #meow

So proud of my #15! Beginning of a great first season 🏐🤾🏽‍♀️🏆

FriYay🎉 Spent my Friday night at the bar with @killercroc5213 pulling some iron. Two things are certain: 1. I still hate deadlifts 2. My hands are tow-up 😅 #flexfriday #deathbydeads #teamnobiceps #powerlifter #powerlifting #powerzonegym

Yesterday was an extremely long, trying day. This whole week has been! I wanted to stay home and skip my workout because I wasn’t looking forward to squats anyway. Thankfully I had someone to hold me accountable so I showed up and put my work in even though it was 11:30 pm. So blessed to have a friend so amazingly strong and inspiring. —Nevermind the big guy behind the curtain, that’s just my coach @optimusprime_334 🤩👑

I was way too entertained by the break in the mirrors 😂

Guess who made it to the gym more than once this week 🙋🏽‍♀️ Only came to show off my new @caffeineandkilos shirt tho

Sweet Potato fries, bison burgers, and AIP friendly deviled eggs. Better than last nights Cheerios!

Great ending to a great day 🤙🏽 #myhappyplace #lifeisgood

When my children remember their childhood I want them to remember that their mother gave it her all. She worried too much, failed at times, and she did not always get it right...but she tried her hardest to teach them about kindness, love, compassion, and strength. Even if she had to learn it from her own mistakes and being knocked down, even when things seemed hopeless, she gave it her all. I want them to remember me as the woman that loved them so much she always got back up and kept going.

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