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Another.lost_bigender  We're only guaranteed one life.Are you gonna live it totally safe or are you gonna take chances and know you lived that one life the best you could?

I love him with all my heart ❤️

Happy 18th to the love of my life

I could say that I'm okay smiles laughter but it's pain.

🎶Jumped out of fire into frostbite Arms too weak to climb But still too strong to let go🎶

8 months later and where still together and stronger then ever. It hasn't been perfect but he's more then worth while. I love him more then anything and I'm glad to have spent these 8 months with him 4 more to a year and hopefully years to come. I love you Brian happy eight months.

I've had a lot go down in the past four months. It made me question everything it still has my questioning everything. In the end it turned out alright but it be a lie to say that I'm alright.

I'm sorry to say I'm done begin a pack mule. If you want me in your life treat me like you do. Tell me why. I'm done. I may not always like myself but I deserve to be happy. All the toxicity needs to leave I have enough of it with out the outside leaking more in. I want to be happy and I will be. It may take time but I'm gonna get there I'm done living in this depression. I'm gonna do what makes me happy and keep the ones who I love and care about closer and rid myself of the toxic ones. This is my life and my choice if you want to be part prove it.

Life's been difficult but he makes it all worth it

Life gets hard but alls I can do is keep on fighting.

This guy makes me so damn happy.

Life is testing me in almost every way right now. Yet I'm still trying to fight to get threw it all. I don't want to really not with out him. So I really hope after this weekend I'll have him back...

Have you ever just thought about what all the stress and situations are doing to you in life? It's like you let go of the ropes, you try to run, you try to fight, but all you ever do in the end is sit there and let the ropes hit you repeatedly. Bruising, whipping you till you're bloody. Of course theses scares aren't visible but hurt more then any kind of physical one could.

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