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AVOID RESTRICTIVE CALORIE DIETS/LIQUID DIETS • Avoid the misconception 'as long as I'm training hard I can eat what I want'. Unfortunately you can't out train a bad diet • Avoid weight loss diets and liquid diets, they can decrease muscle mass and increase the likelihood of a rebound, potentially increasing weight gain, possibly more than before • Calorie restrictive diets have negative effects on our bodies, due to lack of essential nutrients causing fatigue, dizziness, unhealthy skin and hair. • Alongside hard training these diets can increase the stress hormone cortisol, leading to hormone imbalances, actually inhibiting fat loss. • Base nutrition around real whole food. • Identify the right amount of macronutrients, fats, carbohydrates and protein for you. • Use alongside a well designed training programme to enhance results.

2. Prioritise HIIT training over steady state cardio.
Often many individuals will prioritise sessions based around long durations of slow steady cardio, this is often due to the misconception that this is the best way to reduce body fat. Often though it is not the most effective use of time at the gym for individuals who's target is to reduce body fat.
Firstly, long steady cardiovascular training will not build lean muscle. As mentioned in the last post, building lean muscle is a must when it comes to calorie burn and increase in our metabolism at rest, which are important factors for reducing fat.
Not only is interval training more efficient in a shorter amount of time, it will also, alongside strength training, increase hormones in our bodies which promote muscle growth, and as a consequence, increase the ability to reduce fat.
Furthermore, long steady cardio will hardly produce any burn after the session is complete. This is where interval training and weight training is a more beneficial and effective form of training. Both methods can produce a calorific after burn as much as 24 hours after the session is over.
prioritising resistance training and interval training in the form of sprints, sled pushes or weighted circuits are a few examples of effective exercises.

TRAINING TIPS FOR FEMALES... 1. Strength training should be a priority

Whether your goal is to reduce fat, improve you health and wellbeing, or to gain a more curvy physique prioritising weight training is a must.
A common misconception with many females is that strength training will make you bulky, this can often deter females from entering the weights room, Often opting for the comfort of minutes and hours of endless cardio as they believe it is the best way to lose fat. The opposite is true, slow steady state cardio in the "fat burning zone" is predominantly ineffective compared to weight training for fat loss.
Lifting weights alongside HIIT training e.g sprints are the most effective methods of exercise to increase lean muscle growth, eliciting a higher calorific burn naturally even when we are at rest. The more lean muscle mass we have the faster our metabolism will become.
Weight training will also give you a leaner firmer look on many target areas for females including legs, glutes and abdominals.
In conclusion if you want to drop fat, improve your health and improve your body composition then weight training is a must!

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