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blammer  Food food food. Om nom nom.

Braised lamb shank, gnocchi with spinach cream, tiramisu. Recommended by @guoshiong . WAH KAO he wasn't joking about the price but god the food was so good. I need to return just for the gnocchi, i know it looks like snails in slime but ughhhhh dem flavours doe.. delicioso..#noms

Assorted photos, lazy to describe, last trip with them esp father. Jfc, bro and i are gonna travel with our friends instead.

Pork tom yum noodles, roasted/fried pork, coconut ice blended, red bean + custard taiyaki #noms #bangkok

2 new updates to the tank, mini anubias that I bought from a carousell seller. Nitrogen cycle should be established by next week, just gotta check water parameters again. Hopefully I can get my betta fish soon!

#tbt staff trip at sentosa. Thank god @stella.ong photoshopped my tummy in. We both look good! ❀️

Very first aquarium! Still super noob and I need to add more stuff to it like gravel, maybe rearrange plants. Fish will come in a week or so once the beneficial bacteria cycle is established.

Happy birthday to mew! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ’“

Late Vday post kekeke, mew mew! I love you!

1. Peranakan food
2. Huge huge temple up on the steep side of the mountain, the pic only features one part of the temple
3. Sisters char kway teow #penang

Other nom noms i had in georgetown today : duck kway chap, assam laksa, curry mee with pigs blood, random artwork #noms #penang

Wa this cafe looks dope #penang #awesomecanteenpenang

Duck noodles @ tengkera duck noodles in malacca. Kway teow goes boing boing. Second pic of kocik kitchen, chicken ponteh, sambal kangkong and forgot the name of the meatball soup. #malacca #noms

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