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There is nothing they can't do.

Nothing like a Sunday morning roll!!!! Gi or No Gi ?

How many years have you been training jiu-jitsu? #Blackbelt

We are moving to a NEW ACADEMY!!! MORE PARKING, MORE LOCKERS, MORE MATS & MORE JIU-JITSU!!!! #jiujitsu @roriongracie @renergracie

17 hour day into a 55 second video! 12 min version on my FB with @joshuamartin95 @mykindofmama @vicgracie @sdehghan @tambahali @evandroskilla @gilbertr @mufasamma @briantcity @john.petrelli and more!

Goodmorning! #Sandhill

I'm the man.

Do you feel comfortable to make eye contact/ speak with a homeless person? Do you give a homeless person a moment? Do you give them some change/money? If so, Does it matter what they want the money for? When I see a homeless person I am beginning to see someone who could have been a friend of mine who just made a few bad decisions and is now in a tough spot. Anyone can go homeless, even someone I care about. Everyone struggles. #Love @davidawiss

You don't know until you go. #sandhill

Traveling for jiu-jitsu can be very difficult because I am away from my bed and my fridge. The most difficult thing to be without is my family. Thanks to my wife @vicgracie my family is able to travel with me more often than not. Check out @mykindofmama Instagram and more importantly Victoria's NEW MKOM FAMILY GUIDE TO TRAVEL at mykindofmama.com the link is in my bio. Im so proud of her for completing this book and finding a way to help so many families! If you plan on mixing kids and travel anytime soon and want to do it more efficiently Victoria has the the information you need! Thank you for the support and happy travels! #Repost @mykindofmama
It's here!!
⭐️MKOM FAMILY GUIDE TO TRAVEL ⭐️ is out in time for your summer travels! ⭐️>>>Now available in digital download for $9.99 at mykindofmama.com -- link in bio!<<< ⭐️ 💖A step by step guide of how to approach traveling with your family in the most efficient and nurturing way. In this guide you will receive: 📝 - a printable packing list suitable for the whole family with numbers to track what you've brought 💆🏻- techniques to handle the many emotions you'll encounter during difficult and tiring times
🎒- secrets to packing effectively and even fitting and entire family of four in one bag!
🚙- considerations to help you decide whether or not to bring the stroller or car seat
💖- support and guidance to make travel simpler and happier for everyone
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦- workbook pages to help you navigate how to handle the difference in your family's personalities and expectations.
🛌- invaluable tips on supporting your children in new sleep environments
- and more! ✨

How did I get so lucky?!!!

#legoland with the family!

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