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Ryon  Adventurer, musician, pagan mystic, seeker of knowledge. Also, I make music: ryonwhitfield.bandcamp.com


@m.k.gilliam got me this super cool Indian brass trident/scepter? thing today.

Friday night acoustic jams #guitar #loop #jam #dreamy

"She is all beauty –
this woman nude and terrible and black,
who tells the name of God
on the skulls of the dead,
who creates the bloodshed on which demons fatten,
who slays, rejoicing, and repents not,
and blesses him only that lies crushed beneath Her feet.
Her mass of black hair
flows behind Her like the wind,
or like time - the drift and passage of things.
She is blue almost to blackness,
like a mighty shadow,
and bare like the dread realities of life and death. O Mother Kali with a necklace of human heads! What magic hast Thou shown me!"

Cherish my precious Mother Shyama tenderly within, O mind.
May you and I alone behold Her,
letting no one else intrude. #kali #mahakali #yantra

If you are into meditative doom metal, check out "Devotional Songs" by Sabazius, a 2 and a half hour opus dedicated to Kali, the Hindu goddess of creation and destruction. Om krim kalikayai namah. #sabazius #doommetal #meditation

Packing frenzy, featuring the always cute @m.k.gilliam

Still listening to Norma Jean after all these years. Still angsty as ever.

It's my cat in a box.

These suckas comin' in all the time not knowing red oak from cedar, poplar from pine. And I'm just like, "Birch, please."

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