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riley  "there was a time before you, and there will be a time after you, though these bodies are not our own, walk tall, little one, walk tall"


can the child within my heart rise above

yesterday is dead, yeah, moment of silence

i'll turn the earth


how long have we been looking for this place?

you know, when you spin and spin and spin

i wonder how many of you think im thinking about you. no longer hidden under layers of my scarred arms, ripped skin to hold old fears, i planted them in there. i wish i didnt miss you, who's you? you is me in this sick place. i miss myself, i want to hold myself and rock her to sleep. i trust her and not him and i wonder how that could be if everything is also what it is not. there is a knot in me in a few places and they make me feel full and empty at once. and i admit - i did try to fill and pour out that space with you. i do admit that i would look out the window or into a screen to find solutions that were actually in my throat. caked to my windpipe and cracking my lungs with each sigh.

crazy daisy

i could put you on a wave

happy birthday jor


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