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🌹Ryden Armani🌹  independent xxx entertainer ❤️ 18+ ONLY! 🚫 twitter: rydengg ✨ backup: @missmewchy 💕 twitch.tv/rydenarmani email me! i don’t read my DMs! 💌 videos👇🏻✨

they don’t love you like i love you 💕🎀 what’s your favorite animal? i love alpacas and giraffes and frogs and wow i just love animals! ❤️

just save your scissors for someone else’s skin 💫 i’ve eaten way too much candy today 🤷🏻‍♀️✨

it’s #tbt so let’s do an ode to black hair ((swipe thru for oldness)) ✨ seeing myself with black hair is always bittersweet because black hair has punctuated some weird parts of my adulthood. i don’t know, there is something about vibrantly colorful hair that energizes me when i need it. ☺️ still, i love my image with black hair. it compliments my skin, whether i’m pale or tanned. plus, you can pair any makeup look with black hair. i miss it, but i’m glad i have the option to do lots of other stuff with my hair instead. 💎🍒🍑

small tired and drunk in public ✨❤️ gonna tuck myself in

last one for the row! ❤️ as earlier promised; i put up my new bad dragon video ☺️ which you can get thru the link in my bio!!

good morning! ☺️❤️ two more for the row! ✨ meanwhile, it’s snowy again! i’m probably gonna spend most of my day playing kh union and huddling in front of my space heater 😂 today will also likely be a new xxx clip release day, so keep an eye out! 😘❤️

she doesn’t get it, it’s all before she was born ✨ i enjoy that i can just kind of... do what i love whenever i like. i love that taking photos and creating content has become my living. i’m so very lucky to have so many people to support me through the years as i’ve grown ❤️😋 it’s easy to fixate on how draining this job can be, but i always try my best to focus on the positives and i hope you’re all focusing on the positive going into this upcoming week, too! 💫

i’m one “this might be a good spot to find some ingredients” away from losing it 🗡🦆 (but not really, KH3 is amazing and i wanna play through it again already) 🌹✨

i am seeing in me now the things you swore you saw yourself 🌹🗡 new photo set for my website members (which you can visit at rydenarmani•com) & MV crush members (join via the link in my bio) ✨🍒 i’ve been shooting lewd/nude photosets since i was 18 years old and it’s so crazy to see just how much better my work is now than back then. even just setting up a fun, romantic impromptu shoot, i have such a blast and come out with such beautiful photos. more beautiful than anything i could’ve busted my ass to create in 2011/2012. practice really does bring us somewhere near perfection. ☺️❤️

tell it to my heart, tell me i’m the only one ❤️✨ i bit into this and broke it in half right after taking this photo lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ wig is bettie from @annabelles_wigs 💫

last one for the row ☣️✨ thank u all for all the compliments and silly color comparisons regarding my hair! 😂

another post because i just can’t get enough of my crazy hazardous toxin hair 💕☺️ i used #lunartides in #siamorange and #manicpanic in #electriclizard which is surprising because i don’t normally like manic panic! 😱 i can’t deny that electric lizard works every time i’ve used it tho! ✨😋

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