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Hi, you guys, so... It's me (: I'm here.
I know that I've been gone for so long and so unexpectedly, and I'm so so terribly sorry that I let so many of you down.
But the thing is just... I can't stay here anymore. I don't know, all right, forgive me for saying this, please please do, but I just don't think R5 is still the band I came to love.
I cannot run a fan page for something that I'm not really a fan of anymore... I have nothing against them, it's all right.
And truthfully, I've always wanted to come back. But, after watching the new music video, that kinda just set the line for me.
I haven't posted here again to come back. I posted to...say goodbye, because I wasn't going to leave without a proper one.
I love you guys, all of you. Thank you so much for all you've given me, thank you for such an amazing experience.
I know that you probably think I'm stupid for letting such a big account go, but I'm not happy here. There's way too much memories that messed me up and every time I come back, I remember them, and just get upset.
Please, please, I'm asking you guys to know where I'm coming from. Those of you who have been my friend for years know where I struggle.
I'm so so so sorry, and I will love and miss you guys so freaking much. I hope you understand that I just can't stay in a place where I'm not happy.
To my best friends on here, I'm so sorry. But you know you could always contact me when you want. And thank you for being such amazing friends, such amazing followers. Who knows though, maybe one day I'll come back. But I also want you to know that I haven't really left.
For possible the last time,
Goodbye. -Veya

I have just finished the Harry Potter series.
I don't think I'll ever be the same again.
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HIII❤️ I've been on vacation so I wasn't able to post, I'm so sorry🙊 BUT I'VE MISSED YOU GUYS
ANDDD BEFORE I DO ANYTHING please follow @captainrikerr5 and help her reach her goal, tysm🙈
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guys, they're rich enough to have a private aircraft...run
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I was watching an interview with Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence, and Josh Hutcherson — they're so cute honestly they hang out all the time even though The Hunger Games filming is over and their friendship is so cute like WHY CAN'T THE A&A CAST BE LIKE THAT
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Rydel and Ellington are honestly otp.
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I'm currently bawling my eyes out, finishing off reading Harry Potter - The Order of the Phoenix 🙊😭
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I apologize if I don't post — our wifi's being poop.
We've got Riker and Savannah, Ross and Courtney, Ryland and Savannah, Rydel and Ellington, and...the rumored breakup of Alexa and Rocky🙊
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WHOA. I woke up to find I gained 3,000 followers. This is crazy, is something happening? 😂👀 BUT LEGIT. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS AND FOR 60k! 😍❤️
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