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Alexander Rybak  No restrictions! ALL styles are welcome! ❤️👨🏼‍🎤👨🏽‍🏭👷🏻‍♂️👱🏼‍♀️💋👵🏼


#winners #friends 🐻🐯🦁 Les dagens intervju i VG, der er det skikkelig drama azza. 🤪

Embrace the world, and have a nice #weekend . ❤️

Друзья! Спасибо за поддержку. Покажите мой новый клип тем, кто ещё его не видел. 👍🏼 Пусть сегодня клип получит много новых просмотров, и может быть ваши друзья получат от него вдухновения! 👍🏼♥️ это моя большая цель на сегодняшней день.

The greatest gift you’ll ever be given, is the feeling of being loved. #morsdag

Sjekk ut @nrkp1 imorgen lørdag 12.00! 🎈 MGP-prinsesse @iam_nicoline og MGP-maestro @kaaremagnusbergh vil sammen med meg konkurrere om hvem som har bredest glis. 😄 #nrkmgp

#beyourself My teeth have never been perfect. But they have never been a problem for me, and also it’s a part of who I am. Of course people tell me all the time “you should do something about your teeth, about your hair, about your eyebrows, about your style”. But I will never(!) change something just because others try to make me feel bad about it. Have confidence in yourself, and others will feel confident next to you. 🎈

This is the coolest thing ever: Time To Show from Lithuania have made THE lyric video to my “That’s How You Write A Song” ❤️ check out my YouTube channel AlexanderRybakVideo. Also check out more from this awesome dance studio @time_to_show_studija 🎉 I feel inspired now! What feelings do YOU get from the lyric video? Maybe you have a dancer in you? 😜

Из разных стран, fra ulike kulturer, but with the same goal for tomorrow’s concert: sharing музыку & love 🇷🇺❤️🇳🇴 #mytruetalent

Someone is tying to show off his new backpack 🎒 Actually it looks even better from behind. #newstuff #mgpallstars

@radio_norge DET er hyggelig, det. :) #rightnow #radio

YESSS we’re rrrrrreadyyyy 😎 #nrkmgp #mgpAllStars #eurovision

You can see that @olakassen put his SOUL into this video animation. 🥁🎸❤️ If you want to inspire, you must first be inspired yourself! 🤩 #thankyou #mytruetalent

Домашний Саша волнуется
#русский #адрес


It’s ALEKSXANDER time! 😎 #melodigrandprix @aleksanderwalmann

«BELIEVE in it, and SING it all day long!” 🎻✍🏼🎈🎷🎺
#thatshowyouwriteasong #mytruetalent

Lindmo ikveld 21.45 @nrk 🎈
Tonight, on the popular talk show #lindmo I will talk about important choices in life, one of them being my participation in #mgp2018 @nrkmgp 🎻 #esc #eurovision

Have you seen the new music video yet? Here are the stars of the show, tusen takk for RÅ energi fra start til slutt! ❤️ #thatshowyouwriteasong @lasseespelid @monicakilvaer @intellijens @s1gyn @tobiasasphol @ane.landmark

Billetter til MGP med «Rybak-rabatt», finner du link til i biiionnnn. :)
New link in my bio, for discounted TICKETS to Norwegian EUROVISION selection. ❤️ (supporting from home is also possible, free of charge) 🤓

Today I was in Arendal playing at a funeral for a good friend of mine, who is no longer here. Made me realize how fragile love is. Also made me realize how grateful I am for the best fans in the world, for each warning word you write about me. Life is short, so if you have an idea, write it down, maybe it can grow into something great. But the greatest of all is, and will always be, LOVE. Be kind to each other, it will always be appreciated. ❤️peace out

Watch the video for “That’s How You Write Song”
I’m proud to once again participate in Melodi Grand Prix.
I’m proud to have a strong message which I really believe in.
But most of all I’m proud of my girlfriend who made this amazing cover art. ❤️ #thatshowyouwriteasong

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