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Alexander Rybak  Tickets to my first performance in 2019🎻

I am soooo 😃looking forward to this! Our first concert with my new Eurovision partner @elinanechayeva 🎤🎻🧚🏼‍♂️ It will be a classical/pop performance inside the amazing club in #Brno 😎 So this can get interesting! (Se my insta profile for tickets)

1) “get down on your knees” 🤓
2) “get down your idea” 🧚🏼‍♂️
3) “get a Christmas tree” 🎄
Choose the right option, or make your own lyrics. 😜 And have a nice SUNDAY! #thatshowyouwriteasong

But, yeah, living in Norway is fun ❤️
12. Desember kl.20.00 @tv2norge 🎉 med @lisaborud @mugishoofficial

I’m INTROVERT. 🌔 In extreme ways. This means that I absorb other people’s energy, and if i meet to many persons during a day I will get ill and exhausted. Sometimes I wish I was an extrovert person, but I am who I am. If you know someone who is sitting quietly in the corner, avoiding attention, don’t think they are freaks of nature. It probably means they don’t have energy to talk, and most probably they just want a big hug.
Maybe you know somebody who’s introvert?

“A dog is a man’a best friend”🤔 WHY do we say that? 🐾Is it maybe because we can tell them what’s right and wrong, and the dog never talks back? 🧐

Hanging on the wall, this is my catchphrase in the morning. What’s yours?🤨 #garfield #grumpy

A little game of “where is Rybak” for you. 😅 #stillenatthelligenatt #concert

Помним дорогую Людмилу ❤️ Помним РАДОСТЬ 💪🏼 Have a nice weekend, ребята. #transformation #happiness #одинводин

The first one to guess what’s written on my sweater, gets a “like”. 😎 The first one to guess which part of Norway this is, gets a comment.😋

From #Eurovision to #Christmas, this is a team you can count on. 🎤🎻 @lisaborud #stillenatthelligenatt #justrollwithit

Do you recognize me under that suit? 😏 And what do you think of this song? 💃🏻 #iwillsurvive

Happy anniversary, @mickeymouse 🎉🎻

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