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Riot  Guitar/Vox/Pedal Dancer in @incodesmusic. Mob Host & Producer for @recordmob #jointhemob


In the zone.

I think she has a crush on me.

Um, I'm looking for something that says, "Dad likes leather." #dragball #leatherdaddy

When you're in the matrix but the chinook simulation is 👌#thisfeelssoreal

Sup doods? 🎸

Yorkin' in the town like there's no one around. (Fitz may have shit himself on his date with Dali... needless to say she was not impressed.) #yorkiesofinstagram

Me and JLo. (This is a multifaceted pun & wordplay reference because not only does "Lo" refer to the low timbre and fundamental frequencies produced by a bass guitar, but also because this bass is owned by a past member of punk band "The Bronx". The Bronx, as you may be aware, is also a borough in New York, NY that was the childhood home of pop singer Jennifer "JLo" Lopez, who is very vocal about that fact - most notably in her chart topping 2002 single "Jenny from the Block")

Tryin to up my Ableton performance chops. #beatlaboratory

There's a shadow clinging lyrically by and by, to the devil on the roadside 🍃
Rattling some strings on the old @takamineguitars

I'll do one per jaerb

1. I hide behind many computer monitors and hope the jokes I post to Slack are funny enough that I don't get fired because no one has a clue what I actually do.

2. Some pretty scientific work heavily based around studying string theory and it's relation to sexually arousing women.
3. I distract people with conversation while a colleague steals their soul at a rate of 24 pieces per second. Raw souls are pretty horrifying, so I rearrange the pieces to look and sound less awful. I then sell it to an undisclosed CanRock icon. He's really into owning souls, it's like he's a one man army.