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Almost missed it

French desert

Part of my ongoing series on Family. I will be shooting another family during June's "Art of Freelance" workshop which is a 7 week course designed to help keep us freelancers on track. Tonight is the last chance to sign up, hit me up if you have questions or check the link. This is Corinne & Zelly styled by Vanessa Gonzalez @schlitzie. No pixels were harmed in the making of this photo, in other words, the beams of light and fabric you see are all there as is.

"Quiet, Please"

Not a fan of the film border thing but this was provia in a hasselblad back in 2004 or something. Ricardo Lino is one of the nicest men you can meet despite this ominous photo we made in San Diego back then. He was visiting from Portugal and this was a very early exploration into a narrative portrait. I can't say enough, "reach out, touch faith."

They just watched Donnie Darko one too many times or what?

Madi the Huntress

Bailey Hikawa on a set she created for "Trial Child: Nurture A Better Nature." I was fortunate enough to see this hilariously bonkers, one person play last night. Hats off to all involved.



Amde Hamilton of The Watts Prophets. Part of a documentary project from Drew Bachrach about the 1992 Watts Truce. #truce

Hilariously arranged airbnb. 12 foot ottoman in the middle of the room and a chandelier arbitrarily hanging 4 feet off the ground. Sponge painted walls, doors nailed to an opening that led to nowhere, and a host who hid in one of the rooms with their dog the whole time without introducing themselves. #joechella #nochella #wehelladidntgotocochella #froglow

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