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Ryann Hanes-Sloan  Momming pretty hard right now, so you'll see alot of that. I focus on cultivating contentment + happiness through mindfulness practices 🌍Atx🌍

You know that feeling of ease that exists in-between a completed task and the next moment? I'm working on lengthening that feeling. Letting go of 'should'- in all of it's forms and really sitting in the right now. Of all of the hours and hours of yoga training and meditating, and staring at the flame of a candle until my eyes water, and chanting the same phrase thousands of times at 4am in a cold, dark ashram in the middle of India, all of the time spent seeking the space in between each moment, here I am. Finally, understanding what it means to be 'in the right now' , to be free of time and space and body. To be your mama is to be completely free and completely connected at the same time. 💘

💗All the "not readies," all the "I need time," are understandable, but only for a short while. The truth is that there is never a "completely ready," there is never a really "right time." As with any descent to the unconscious, there comes a time when one simply hopes for the best, pinches one's nose, and jumps into the abyss. If this were not so, we would not have needed to create the words heroine, hero, or courage.💗 Clarissa Pinkola Estés

More thoughts on trust in my previous 2 posts!

And it's amazing how life works, whispering trust to you the many times you forget and then brings you the very embodiment of it into your world. To trust is not to be without fear, but to be connected so deeply to yourself and those near you that safety and intuition become fountains that flow within you and pour out from you as you move through the world. (post 2 of 3 continued on my feed)

I was sitting on the beach in Mexico two years ago when a guy passed by with a display of bracelets. They were bracelets with names woven on them in every color you could imagine, but the bright sun and the salty air had mellowed the colors and former neon pinks and bright greens now rested in muted states of pastel. I decided I'd like a bracelet and chose my colors. Navy blue with rainbow letters. 'What name do you want on the bracelet?' he asked. 'I can have anything I want?' I asked, assuming there were parameters. 'any name you want, it's your choice' he said.
I sat for a moment. And then I knew. I needed the name of the thing I was always forgetting. I needed it woven and woven and woven again on the tapestry of my being so that I could remember over and over and over again that I am (and was and will be) exactly where I need to be. 'Trust.' I said with sureness. 'Trust?' he asked handing me a pen and a scrap of paper to write it out for him.

T-R-U-S-T 'Trust.' I said out loud. 'Trust.' he repeated back to me. 'Trust.' we said together.

And in 15 minutes he was back tying my bracelet on to my wrist- it was crisp and the colors were bright and it was new and hadn't learned it's shape around my wrist.
I haven't taken this bracelet off. It's colors, like the display, have settled down into faded versions of themselves. As if the words have been working and working and working becoming more tired each time they remind me to re-member who I am. This bracelet has been rain stained, tear stained, soaked in springs, cleaned in the moonlight, toasted in the sunshine, it's been on the wrist of my own arms as I've held myself and as I've been held. It's been on the swollen arms that held my baby for the first time and on the hands that have held tight onto Jake's in times of fear, pain, joy and pure love. This bracelet has been there through the growth and the stretching and the becoming, All the while whispering, trust. Trust. Trust. (Post 3 of 3 continued on my feed)

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I think this is called having your cake and eating it too🍰

Wellllll, I think I www supposed to be following a baby's first foods plan...as you see here, It's going really well! (Also her little hand guiding the cake into her mouth in the next couple of pictures!) I am really excited for Willa to join us in our meals one day soon!
Moms - what experiences did you have feeding your babies their first foods?

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Last week, with Klauncine

Willa is 4 months old! We celebrated by making beef stew and not getting out of jammies!
She is chatting now- her favorite phrase being 'gloygloygloygloygloy' and she is getting very close to sitting up on her own. She loves reading stories and is a passionate fan of all of the Carpenters big hits.
She sleeps through the entire night and I think I am struggling to make enough milk to satiate her ravenous appetite. She's almost mastered grabbing on to things and we think that means she's almost ready to try some big girl food.
She has been practicing her jazz steps and I am pretty certain she'll request an irridescent leotard for Christmas. We can't believe how fast you're growing baby girl! (Also, quick nursery tour up on my stories!)

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