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Willa June is nearly 12 pounds and is smiling and giggling alot lately!

She sleeps 7+ hours a night and really loves bathtime!

She's already a big fan of John Prine, her brother Worm, scalp massages and rain.

Pretty sure she is already speaking full sentences and rumor has it that last night she used my phone to Favor herself a burger and fries.
Willa! You're growing so fast!

These two cracked each other up all week!
Willa: 'PawPaw why did the restaurant on the moon fail?' Because it has no atmosphere! *Hilariously laughs at own joke*

💗Willa's Big Adventure with PawPaw and MaJane💗

Continued from @jakeasloan 's post:
Worm: Okay, it's true, I am learning the new rhythm of the home
This is a nice moment because I am on the bed near the tiny squawking human and I get to give mama all the kisses. But I still have some questions; They always say having a newborn is hard on the new parents but what about how it's hard on the Number 1 Guard Dog and Head of Security (yes, that's an official title)- How am I supposed do my duties of barking at likely benign noises and sounds that *may* turn out to be a threat to the home if tiny human doesn't like my barkings? How can I alert everyone with my gorgeous (so I've been told) howl of nearing sirens if mama and papa are always walking around 'shushing'?
I am kind of confused. Please write back with insight.
Worm Hanes-Sloan
Number 1 Guard Dog and Head of Security

I catch myself subconsciously shushing and rocking even when papa is holding baby Willa. Is that what no sleep is? Or is this motherhood? I think it must be both.

Tried to get dressed today- I'd say it's going very good.

🤞Does clean hair with spit up in it still count as clean hair?
🤘Does being dressed for five minutes count as getting dressed for the day?
👏Let the record show I attempted to put on some eyebrow gel 🤝And lastly, does dripping milk everywhere count as my daily workout?

💚Just the two best friends + salty kisses💚

Milk, Milk, Milk
Willa is just about 10 pounds now and is growing super fast! She is lifting and holding her head up in spurts and still loves to hold hands. She is smiling and very into intense gazes while snacking. She goes by Wilkie and Tootie and is very proud of her 'five wipe dipe' moments in which she requires FIVE wipes to clean her dirty diapers. She has made us promises that she will soon sleep through the night, dress herself and also make us a steak dinner once she turns six weeks. Thinking she will likely run for Senate this November, too. 😜

First family hike 🦗


Happy due date Willa June! Cannot imagine just now meeting you- it's been almost three weeks since you were born and you've gained over two pounds past your birth weight, like to smile and hold hands and love to eat! You've already grown so much! ❤️


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