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Ryan Ngala  I'am a video editor/producer/digital reporter/Poet writer


Chilling At The @trinityharlem Selfie Booth

@ryanngala Chilling With @cassieborgella At The Selfie Booth, I'm so glad not to only have her as a volunteer worker for @trinityharlem, but also as a friend.

2 Chronicles 7:14 #youversionbibleapp @youversion

@fdnyhotdogofficial Chilling With @ryanngala At The #FDNY #Harlem Block Party

Chilling With The @FDNY Bravest #Engine59 #Ladder30 At 111 West 133rd Street At The #FDNY #Harlem Block Party

Only Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives Plan Your Escape..
Fire Safety Education Unit 718-281-3870 www.nyc.gov/fdny www.fdnyfoundation.org

Chilling With Ms. Sarah Phillips (@sarahseesphoto) Photography is her hobby, but I want mine to be a profession.

I Had A Great Time At The #FDNY Block Party With #FDNYSmart, So I Stop by #Engine59 & #Ladder30 at 111 West 133rd Street until 4pm. With @RyanNgala

My Last Day On The Summer Youth Employment Program Job Was A Blast Experience For Me, Chilling At Rye Playland, I thank And blessed myself and for those who prayed for me that I can have a job which is my last day, I had an early last day on Thursday August 11, 2017, The SYEP will be ending tomorrow. My Birthday will be in 2 or 3 weeks as I turned twenty five on Thursday, August 25, 2017.

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