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Ryan Nagata  Artist and replica spacesuit maker. IAAA member.


#tbt the A7L suit I made for @therealadamsavage when I was still working in the garage. Not counting the suit I made when I was 14 years old, this was the third Apollo suit I made, but the first one I thought looked really good. I have since made a number of alterations to my pattern, the hardware, and the internal structure I use. Adam has been making some improvements himself lately (including machining anodized aluminum disconnects). #spacesuit #cosplay #adamsavage #mythbusters

Took my #SavageEDC to work today. @therealadamsavage

Last day of “First Man.” Me and the costume ladies.

Today is the 56th Anniversary of John Glenn’s Friendship 7 flight. This isn’t John Glenn, it’s the actor from my friend @dirkcavalier’s short film “T-minus” wearing my Mercury spacesuit replica. Close enough? BTW, one of my major goals for this year is to make a new, more accurate Mercury suit out of the leftover aluminized nylon I have from “First Man.” It’s going to be beautiful and I’m super excited to make it! #johnglenn #friendship7 #nasa #astronaut #space #spacesuit #projectmercury #cosplay #costume #aviation #history #marines #usmc #1960s #spaceman

I made a YouTube video a while back about my LEVA replicas and read I was supposed to use “interesting cover photos.” Here was one of the pictures I didn’t use. #moonlanding #nasa #spacesuit #onesixthscale #neilarmstrong #replica #weird #instagood

ATTENTION ALL VENDORS! If you would be interested in selling items at Spacefest this July 5-8 in Tucson, AZ, comment here or DM Kelsey Poor of @novaspaceart. I tagged some of you that I know but I know there are many others I’m not aware of. Or if you know of other vendors out there who might be interested, comment here. Spacefest, if you don’t know, is the most amazing space-related event in the country, IMO. It’s a place where you can meet and mingle with Apollo astronauts, mission controllers, Shuttle astronauts, and many many other space luminaries. There are also panels, exhibits, films, vendors, and a one-of-a-kind art show. I’ve been a regular attendee there for the past 2 years and it’s made what I do possible.

A new piece for my collection (and also a reference for future replicas): one of Alan Shepard’s actual A7L intravehicular gloves. #alanshepard #artifact #spacesuit #apollo14 #freedom7

This is the Star Trek Tholian Web spacesuit restoration I mentioned in the previous post. I fabricated the helmet, chest pieces, and gloves, which were missing. The suit itself is @williamshatner ‘s actual costume from the show. The mannequin and stand are custom made by @tomspinadesigns. It was apparently quite challenging to make a display that matched Shatner’s exact proportions in 1968. The suit did not look right on a regular mannequin. I worked closely with Tom to match the original lamé fabrics as closely as possible using modern substitutes. #startrek #costume #restoration #60sfashion #retro #scifi #craftyourfandom #replica

#tbt I found this picture online of me and my wife at the Star Trek convention several years ago. I made both of these costumes. The skant was eventually borrowed by @anovos to prototype their version. The Tholian Web spacesuit got me a job with @tomspinadesigns restoring William Shatner’s actual costume from the show. #startrek #cosplay #stlv #craftyourfandom #costume

My friend @georgeedel (and frequent spacesuit test subject) hanging out by the air conditioner during our moon landing photo shoot last year #moonlanding #breaktime #photoshoot #surreal #weird

Here’s another one. Alan Bean trying on my replica suit barefoot. #spacesuit #alanbean #barefoot #astronaut #apollo12

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