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ryan lockhart  030117 💍 @kaywoulfe CPT / SFN / FRCms / Meal Prep Specialist | Co-Owner of NTT Fitness Training Facility and Meal Prep Delivery @nourish_thy_temple


I love you more than I can explain in the caption of an Instagram photo. All I ask if you continue to take horrible pictures with me until the end of time. #030118 #ros #pbtmrc #wcw #valentinesday

Catch us at Localtopia eating awesome foods and representing NTT Fitness!
#nttfitness #stpete #localtopia #maggieonthemove #spicymediterraneanfries

I told @kaywoulfe__pt__ I wanted pho last night and she knew I’d be home late (out studying with @paradox728 and @vinniebeneduci) and I come home to this. Your girl don’t love you if she isn’t going that extra mile for you every time. ❤️💍 #030118 #sheevenboughtmeaphobowl #andmisospoon #beenhadmyownchopsticks

It won’t happen overnight. It took me damn near 6 years to figure it out. But if you don’t wake up everyday and look forward to going to “work”, you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing with you life. You only get one. Just.Enjoy.This.Shit.

I still can’t believe that in 46 days I get to marry this woman. 💍 #familyfirst #twobecomeone #plusathreeleggedog #030118

This is why we do what we do. And we do it well. Strength matters. For everyone. From children to adults, and even those children’s grandparents. Everyone should move and move well. It doesn’t take years to make progress, and if that’s the case for you, maybe you should re evaluate your training situation.

We’re live! Head on over to NourishThyTemple.com and check out the updated website. Easy to order meal pans, customized personal training nutritional plans, and much more.

Pre-Christmas DB snatches for one of my favorite duos. Little Lance with 40lb dumbbell snatches. He’s catching up to mom! @rachaelswartz @swartzart

It’s not about the gifts under the tree or the money spent on material items. It’s about the company you keep. And this year, I’ve had some damn good company. Merry Christmas. 🎄

It’s not rocket science. Just regular science.

Front squats came along reaaaallly nicely in this block. 275/265 respectively. Ouch. Thanks for cheering me on gorgeous @kaywoulfe 💍

A small glimpse of my pre-workout #CAR’s session. 13 minutes of legitimately hard work condensed into 36 seconds. If you’ve be never given them a shot, it’s never too late to start caring for you joints! We all want to squat and lift heavy, but do you have the prerequisite joint health to do so? Are you unsure? Let’s find out!

This kid has been killing it lately. No matter what we throw at him he always comes back ready to learn more, and he trains harder than most adults! Big thanks to @rachaelswartz and Clayton of @swartzart for the pleasure of getting this youngin baseball ready. More to come for this kid. #offseasongains #inseasontraining #frc #ntt #sportspecific #fitness #boxjumps #pinellaspark #stpetersburg

Big thanks to @michael_wille_ at @physicalculture_gym for allowing the workout yesterday. Got my #TSC shirt and a chance to swing the 60kg bell too. I’ll be back. #kettlebell #frc #physicalculture #swings #60kg #heavyswingshealthyjoints #CARS #ntt #nourishthytemple

Lite werk. Musel kleen. Sexys. #030118 #ntt #powercleanpractice #wcw @kaywoulfe

A couple clips from Melissa’s last FRC focused session. We’ve been working together recently trying to get stronger but while also maintaining healthy joints. Shown; hip CAR’s with complete irradiation using a dowel, and some active shoulder lift offs. We’re making our way down the kinetic chain to ensure her joints work like joints.

The @nyjets may have lost, but today was a good day. Thanks for the surprise tickets sweets @kaywoulfe 😘 #ntt #jameson #jets #bucs

Using foam rollers, walls, medicine balls, etc. as external feedback for your movements can be crucial! You may feel like your hips aren’t moving, but are they really under control?@r_vandenburg demonstrating Plank Taps with two foam rollers for external feedback surrounding her hips. #controlyourself #frc #fitness #corestrength #nourishthytemple

What a great time this weekend. My first ever #tsc event at @physicalculture_gym was a big success. A smooth 435 (I had more in me), 119 snatches at 24kg in 5 minutes (on pace for the Secret Service snatch test) and 12 pull ups which for me was huge. Big thanks to the staff and competitors there, and of course my wonderful fiancé for her ongoing support. Will definitely be back next year for that 500lb pull.

Moving Ms. Woulfe, featuring Gucci. UHaul’s trailer hitches are taking us down one shin at a time. #uhaul #liftingdidntprepareusforthehitch #030118

I know it’s Wednesday. #030118 #ROS

I don't know why we've never come here before. Only day one and so far it's the best trip we've taken. #smokeymountains #grotofalls

She loves my love for Asian foods. And I love when she cooks. #sweetandsour #likedatass #pbtmrc

Lunch time after venue touring. #brooklynsouth

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