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Ryan Lockhart  030117 💍 @kaywoulfe CPT / SFN / FRCms / Meal Prep Specialist | Co-Owner of NTT Fitness Training Facility and Meal Prep Delivery @ntt_fitnessfl

Once you adjust to the heat, it’s really a beautiful place. Why is vacation never long enough? 🌄🗼⛲️🎲 #vegas #redrockcanyon #mountcharleston #freemontstreet

Olive’s first bath 😻

It was good to get out for little while with this rare hooman. ❤️
@riz3skater @rocket_ricardo you guys have to check this place out whenever you come up this way!

When your wife is super supportive of you for your anatomy finals, and maybe a little more excited than she should be.. #boneyardsong #sciencehumor

Happy Easter. 🐣

Fool me once.. fool me twice.. It’s not always pretty but you’ve gotta SHOW UP and put the work in. I’ll be back under the bar hopefully soon, but for now it’s time for recovery. @ntt_fitnessfl

There just aren’t enough pictures to show how amazing these last two weeks with you have been. I got to marry my best friend surrounded by our closest family and friends. There is so much more to come with us and I cannot wait to discover what’s in store. I love you sweets 🎂🍩🍰🍦until death do us part. (Wedding pictures coming soon!)

May not be @the_squatfather but these felt damn speedy. #365 for 8 at RPE 7.57. Almost vacation time baby! @kaywoulfe__pt__ is gonna get that 225 hip thrust for reps whether she likes it or not.
#deadlift #nttfitness #ambition #personaltrainer #hardworkpayingoff #hookgrip

I love you more than I can explain in the caption of an Instagram photo. All I ask if you continue to take horrible pictures with me until the end of time. #030118 #ros #pbtmrc #wcw #valentinesday

Catch us at Localtopia eating awesome foods and representing NTT Fitness!
#nttfitness #stpete #localtopia #maggieonthemove #spicymediterraneanfries

I told @kaywoulfe__pt__ I wanted pho last night and she knew I’d be home late (out studying with @paradox728 and @vinniebeneduci) and I come home to this. Your girl don’t love you if she isn’t going that extra mile for you every time. ❤️💍 #030118 #sheevenboughtmeaphobowl #andmisospoon #beenhadmyownchopsticks

It won’t happen overnight. It took me damn near 6 years to figure it out. But if you don’t wake up everyday and look forward to going to “work”, you need to re-evaluate what you’re doing with you life. You only get one. Just.Enjoy.This.Shit.

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