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Ryan Potter // Be'Bop  filtered photos attached to unfiltered thoughts// and the occasional gameplay 🎮#everycornercovered


procrastinating instead of packing 🔫 @badboi
i plan on spending my summer just roasting in the sun 😂

well of course it is.

Happy Valentine's Day 🌹


THIS SATURDAY! Going live on @twitch . Setting everything up, looking at a 11pm est launch. Will be playing. @eastarwars #battlefront2 with friends and fans. Stop by the live to hear our endless nerd banter and watch us crush the rebel forces.
Twitch channel: ryankpotterlive

You guys unanimously voted boba for the next hero gameplay. If you see yoda attempting this map glitch counter with boba or bossk.

that final line sums up exactly how I felt this game.
#battlefront2 @eastarwars


Alright, I've gotta start streaming. Just too filthy.
@eastarwars #battlefront2

fun little accident.

yes. thank you for your input Garfield.

we don't give away W's.
we make you earn them.
W/ @iamcued @ryanadamburns
@eastarwars #battlefront2 (and to be fair we joined this game late 😂)

tick rock

foggy morning in downtown.
#olympustrip35 #film

ps. How many of y'all live in Toronto?!

once I get the approval.
I'll be your source for bts film photos. 💜 - r

apparently I'm alttle farsighted 📸 @badboi

i'm gonna miss this awful horrible no good city. to my friends and family, i'll miss you dearly. we have to practice what we preach; "if you shoot for the moon you'll land amongst the stars". it's time to go shoot.

you call it camping, i call it results. quick little 13 piece. another cameo by @iamcued
@eastarwars #battlefront2 #starwars

2 orders of the 5 piece
guest appearance by @iamcued
@eastarwars #battlefront2

wishing you happy holidays from the team. amazing art by @sketchyceshira

the asian wu tang clan

last recommendation for the week. a film I've already urged people to go see, it's still in some theaters!! this is without a doubt the best film of the year. (remember, this is just my opinion) an honest glimpse into the harsh realities of those less fortunate; monetarily speaking. this film sang to my core, and vibrated through every fiber. i can only hope to work on such a meaningful project.

That's it, check out the films. Let me know your thoughts. As always my recommendations are often 18+ simply based on how reserved most audiences are. These recommendations are for artists, dreamers, and escapists.

cliché recommendation.
this is one of the first films any decent film school will show you.
take my word for it, watch this film. or take the word of numerous film makers that have drawn inspiration from Vittorio De Sica's heart warming; and utterly heartbreaking tale of a father simply trying to make ends meet.

Ma vie de Courgette
My life as Zucchini

I can't recommend this film enough. Honest and beautiful story feeling.

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