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Ryan J Pitts  Artist, Inventor, Product Facilitator, Strength & Health Enthusiast

Custom Hammer. Any theme you have in mind, I can build it so you can hold it high. 🤘🏻⚡️#strongergrip #hammerking #metalmaster

The word for one that devours books- Bibliophagist. I’m obsessive towards books, fiction, non-fiction. I can not get just one, I must have them all. #conanthebarbarian #robertehoward #edgarriceburroughs #fantasy #bibliophile

The StrongerGrip Double Barrel DeathGrip Dumbbell. It has a 4” Diameter & 3” Diameter for your Grip building, finger strengthening, thumb frying pleasure. #strongergrip #handstrength #gripstrength

One of my favorite Custom hammer builds. #Repost @bigstrongfast with @get_repost
Hammer 🔨 Time. Dr Beau Hightower is a true gamechanger for beat up athletes. As you all know, I’m on a journey to help rid people of pain. I’m always looking for things that actually work. He took my shoulder through a full range of motion for the first time in 5 years by using a hammer and chisel. He also fixed Mark’s lower body with a mallet and the end of a cane. Whatever works right? It works alright. It was an incredible experience because I was so skeptical. Now I can’t wait to get out to New Mexico for another treatment. This was only a single visit and it really moved the needle. Check out @drbeauhightower and look him up on YouTube. He also just did @markbellspowerproject which is accessible by clicking the link in my bio. #biggerstrongerfaster #chiropractor #chiropractic #art #bodywork #ketogenicdiet #keto #aleafoffaith #kratom #strongergrip #hammerking #stayinguncomfortable

I love sleeping little humans. Fell asleep in papas arms. #love #grandkids #peace

A repurposed frame that had a flower looks much better with @frazettagirls Death Dealer print, it was ready to hang when I heard a whisper, it was a cold commanding “Make a Battle Axe Hanger, dude”, and so I did. #strongergrip #frazettagirls #inspiredbyart

Thanks @frazettagirls for the awesome prints, I’m excited for the next ones to arrive!! #deathdealer #frazettalives #fantasystrength #fantasyart

Here’s a large Immortal Half tire. This is 80 lbs compared to the 30 lb standard ones. Available upon request. #strongergrip #immortalhalftire #hammer #justbeatit

@pitts_logan Getting Barbaric on two Immortal Half Tires. #strongergrip #hammerslamming #sledgehammerconditioning

#Repost @doctorjimbob with @get_repost
A year ago I was just learning to walk again using a walker...

Constant pain...no range of motion...no strength and tons of frustration. •

This fall I made a commitment to MYSELF and to my family and the friends who hold me accountable that I was going to get moving....pain or no pain. •

I had to admit that what was holding me back was fear and shame. Fear of the pain and of re-injuring myself. And shame over how weak I was and how much of my physical self I had lost. •

Scripture says that when we are weakest...Jesus is strongest in us because she can FINALLY get us to get out of His way so that He can do what only He can do in our lives. The key is to just START and do SOMETHING. Massive action and follow that up with consistency. •

This song by @forkingandcountry says it perfectly: “Never ever EVER give up!” Huge thanks to @ryanjpitts1 for the “Immortal Half-Tire”! This thing kicked my butt this morning! #progress #doneoverperfect #letsdothis #functionalfitness #steelmace #steelmaceexercises #tireslams #strongergrip

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