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Ryan Lee  Here to help โค๏ธ Actress/Ballet Dancer ๐Ÿ“DENVER Represented by Wilhelmina Denver Alter-Ego: @ryanishka.ballerina

Check out this awesome art film "Straigtaway Dangerous" directed by the super talented @evanwwiley (shot by the incredible @waylonkane with art direction by @josh_todd_1500 ) dancing with the lovely multifaceted @wavyjain ...I have no idea how I got to work with such amazing talented people, I can't even describe what this experience was like!! .

I feel rich sometimes knowing that I was born on the same tiny miracle spec as the dinosaurs and shakespeare and everyone and everything else to ever live on this planet, and all that we've ever loved and will love will be right here somewhere on this same rock


when I pressed play I didn't know this was going to be about a girl who's in love with the moon ๐ŸŒ

really can't even describe what this was like but to say nothing existed but the void and the music #blindfold

the inside cover of the 1922 thrift store find, Beautiful Girlhood. "This little book is born of a desire to help and encourage our girls who are struggling with the problems that come up in teens. Youth has its problems, its heartaches, and disappointments. It is not always a smooth path to the perfection of womanhood. .
If what I have written should help some girl to a nobler life and truer ideals, then I shall feel that it has accomplished the task I have set for it to do."

do you see what I see?

trying to think of who died and gave me the rights to an inflated self-ego #checkyoself I get so tired of myself sometimes before I realize it's because I've somehow fallen back into the trap of social media. For some reason we pit ourselves against everyone else in a race to seem the most beautiful, special, interesting, and enlightened. But really, what is any of it worth if it isn't really genuine? What do we have in the middle of the night when we're just laying in bed staring at the ceiling? All that I can ever really account for are the real human moments that I've seen and taken in with my own eyes. Not how well I executed my plan to be the most beautiful or special or interesting or whatever person on the pseudo-reality of social media. No matter how carefully cultivated, that is not a thing that we can have or hold even in our minds. And in that respect, I think we all go to sleep as equals. It's not a race, and as there's only ever gonna be one of you to live or die in this universe, you're already special even if you do nothing at all.

this is not the first drive by pic I've taken of a nun standing on a sidewalk #jesustakethewheel

seein' things

I'll be your mirror ๐ŸŽถ

don't worry - I covered up with a more wholesome, family-friendly pair ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’ช #namethatnipple #hulk #familyvalues
But really though.....when green cgi nipples are less offensive than your actual human body ๐Ÿค”

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