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Ryan Lee  Obviously never get distracted by anything. Actress/Ballet Dancer 📍DENVER Represented by Wilhelmina Denver Alter-Ego: @ryanishka.ballerina

my insta drafts are a strange place

I really miss dancing at the gym for 3 hours on end until I'm so tired I don't even have the energy to put up any walls and I can just move purely as myself. This is how it usually starts out though (me falling on my butt like 80 times trying to find my balance). Hopefully soon when my days (and nights) are less jam packed with rehearsals/shoots/audition prep/teaching I'll be able to get back to it. I have so many songs I want to dance to 😭

alley locket. I hope you find home ❤️

recent, secret, or forgotten: self portraits january-may #whoareyou

panic! at the roller disco

hold still

This would be a lot cuter if the other guy on the bench weren't wiping his nose

My favorite thing about photography is that the most beautiful moments of my life are always ones I never have a camera for, and even if I did I'd be too stunned to use it. So I'm just kind of there at the mercy of the present moment, knowing right then that this is one I have no choice but to just hold on to. And I hold them so much tighter and remember them so much more fondly because of it.

Aren't we always out here just trying to remember who to love? But you'll always know when you see them, and you'll always remember when you're supposed to 🌟#postnapexistentialism #lookatmyarm #shebeensleepin

I snoop around so many places that I'm not supposed to be that I should just start pretending I'm a ghost

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