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Ryan Hassinger  i snowboard, enjoy delicious beers, take pictures sometimes, and highly enjoy thrifting for treasure @shredsoles @wedrinkwater


remember when all you needed was a leaf pile and a swing set #tbt

Do you wanna be a baller? 🏀

@zionsnowboards @waltsky here's a throwback for you guys #snowboarding

If you know me please read this. And thank you so much Mom & Dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Especially if you know I was just in the hospital. I know it is long... but it will explain what's been going with me if you have been worried. 1st off though, I am back home and recovering.

#drinkwater On Oct 5, 2013 my life changed forever and I have to thank Austin Smith & Bryan Fox for starting up their message at the time. As many as you might of scene I was just in the hospital... for a little over a month. The doctors brought me in for a colonoscopy & endoscopy. When they got in there, they found out that I had an ulcer in my esophagus and mouth , and also a collapsed small intestine. I had an extensive surgery & and a lot of recovery time. The intestines are repaired, but the ulcer remains, and the only way to get it up is to drink what they want which is a half of gallon a day. I usually drink about 3 or 4 times that. But I don't want to fill my self up with water because I also to eat more food everyday to get stronger. Which is hard with an esophageal ulcer. So everyday is a new day. I've bought 3 hoodies over the last 4 years, leaving the 1st one I bought all the back on that day of Feb 5, 2013 I lost on the way moving to Tahoe on Sept 30, and when I found out ordered another one on Oct, 7 which I wore til so sun faded from the CA and drought season of 13-14 into 14-15 where I acid washed it and wore it everyday still. People at the bar would laugh & say 'drink beer' which I was doing. And eventually @yobeat made their hoodies with that message. But I've made a bunch of purchases to you guys and I just wanted to say thank you again Austin & Bryan for changing me life and showing me that there's more than soda and energy drinks.
Thank you for reading if you did.

Good old Sunrise Dr. #avalonnj #backathome

Glad to be in a motor vehicle #outofthehospital

Got these from my mama yesterday.

Filming with @googlemaps #streetview @whitetailresort 5 years ago today! I'm hanging out on #jibjunction

Last year today, I was attempting to air out of the super pipe @sierra_at_tahoe @shredsoles @wedrinkwater #happyfeet👣

Faraway Philly #sundayfunday #rainyday

good morning Camden

the #sunrise in the new room does not disappoint

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