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Ryan Goldston  Co-Founder of @APL @Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree @WWD 40 Under 40 Honoree @CFDA Member Creator, Storyteller, Innovator 👻: RyanGoldston

One of my favorite things about what I do is seeing concepts turned into reality. Today, I (and the whole APL team) are beyond excited because we are introducing 2 brand new @APL silhouettes, the Bliss and the Breeze, that have been 2.5 years in the making. For them, we developed a brand new custom stretch rebound techloom, proprietary stretch satin strap (for the bliss), and a brand new propelium tooling for our midsole/outsole. I can confidently say that these new innovations lead to what are the world’s 2 most comfortable shoes. We launched them in 22 colors, all available now at APLrunning.com, so do yourself a favor and get a pair...your feet will love you for it and let me know which is your favorite color #APL

Today is my twin brother @adamgoldston & I’s birthday and words can’t describe the dreams that have become reality in the last year. However, what they can do is express how much fun the ride growing @APL has been and how thankful I am for the amazing people that have been a part of the journey. What excites me the most is I truly believe this will be the best year yet. What we have in store for the coming year is what makes it so I hardly get any sleep each night...and when I do, I can’t wait to wake up...because it’s that exciting. Happy Birthday @AdamGoldston & @cody_harris (it was his bday yesterday) I think it’s fair to say it’s the end of the beginning, but the journey is just getting started 🚀 #APL #ARCweek

Was definitely overdressed for Coachella Saturday night...not sure why @AdamGoldston said a tux was the move 🤦🏻‍♂️, what do you guys think? #Coachella

Which Easter color @apl is your favorite? #APL

2018 started fresh; I brought it in doing laundry 😂...how did you celebrate?

"To Short America Is A Loser's Game" - Warren Buffett; definitely my favorite quote from the @Forbes 100 Centennial Celebration, honoring the 100 Greatest Living Minds in Business and 100 years of Forbes. It was truly inspiring to be surrounded by some of the world's greatest minds...and felt like the windowpane suit I was wearing was channeling more 1917 than 2017 😋 #APL #ForbesAt100

Men's Health (@MensHealthMag) named @APL The Most Innovative Brand of 2017...this is a huge honor because innovation is exciting yet very uncertain. With innovation, you're chasing after a vision that is not yet a reality, however, it's something that you know when you see it, hear about it, or experience it. Innovation is an on going and never ending process, but being selected for this is a great honor for our team and something we all really appreciate 🙌🏻🙏🏻🏆 #APL

There has been a 5,000+ person waitlist for our @APL Rose Gold Techloom Phantom...we just finished shipping out those orders and now have re-stocked them...tag a friend who, like you, would love these and I'll announce the 2 winners on my IG Story who will have these beauties arrive right at their doorstep 😱🌹⭐️ #APLoyalty

Vision is defined as the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be and I can tell you that @AdamGoldston and I have had the vision for years that @APL and @lululemon would one day partner together to provide the ultimate single destination for apparel and footwear...and that vision is now a reality.

Today @APL launches in an incredible mix of @lululemon stores across the USA and Canada. We always like to say that with our shoes, you can change your clothes throughout the day, but keep your footwear the same...now, with APL, lululemon has you covered from head to toe.
A motto that we've lived by since day one is Simple Yet Severe and that couldn't be more fitting than how we chose to announce this partnership in our hometown of LA...with this billboard 1 block away from the Melrose store. I got an email about this billboard being available and I responded within 4 minutes to say we'd take it because there is something that has always been special and impactful to me about a billboard and this one, for so many reasons, sits right near the top of the list of meaningful moments within our company's (and my personal) history.

They say you are the company you keep and if that's the case, I am extremely fortunate because I couldn't be prouder of our team at APL, which is full of some of the hardest working, most dedicated individuals you'll ever meet and have been vital in bringing this partnership to fruition.
Thank you to everybody that has shared in and believed in our vision, we wouldn't be here without you. It's been a long time coming, but I couldn't be happier to say...go get some new APLs, now available at lululemon #APL #lululemon #PairUp

You have to be willing to walk into the fire and have the confidence that you'll walk out the other side. Everybody takes their own path to success, some more unconventional than others, that was just one of the few things that @AdamGoldston and I spoke about with @sbertoni22 and @Forbes on Wednesday to debut our #partner @samsungmobileUSA's new #galaxybook. Our path has taken a lot of hardwork, but more than anything...it's been a lot of fun. This picture captures all of that in a snapshot and happens to be the same face you make when you see @APL has 23 new shoes launch for Summer 17 yesterday 😳😁 #APL #nextgenceo

We did an Instastory takeover for @Forbes during the Monaco Grand Prix and it's now up. If you're interested in seeing billions of dollars worth of yachts, the world's fastest & most expensive cars, and a behind the scenes look at the most luxurious sporting event in the world, you should check out @AdamGoldston & I's takeover for @Forbes. The video was shot by @JakeJanisse and I can honestly say I never thought we'd be at the Monaco GP, let alone with an amazing partnership between @APL & @RenaultSportF1. It felt like a dream, but glad it was real #APL

Sophisticated Madness 🎨 #APL

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