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Ryan Fischer  🔘 Business, Life, Fitness 🔘 CrossFit OG 🔘 Owner of @crossfitchalk 🔘 My Podcast “Real Chalk” . 📩Ryan@crossfitchalk.com 🔻Join CHALK Online 🔻


Benefits of following myself and the CHALK performance training community on 🎥: YouTube... You get to learn a ton of tips, movement tutorials, and see the daily life of a gym owner and a adventurous lifestyle. It’s not just about CrossFit and lifting weights. I want to build a lifestyle brand that not only makes you a badass in the gym, but also outside of it. I want you to casually be the most uncommon human amongst so many average humans. #realchalk #therealchalkpodcast #chalkperformancetraining #followusonyoutube

My favorite way to make cheese burgers. Cheese inside... I’m using raw white cheddar on these with 80/20 ground beef. I try really hard not to eat the whole pound in one sitting, but I just can’t do it. I ate the whole pound again 🤷‍♂️. By far one of my favorite meals :) #musttry #ilovecooking #mealprep #manmeal #manmeals #foodporn

Way too many people out there always looking for the perfect AB routine. You will NEVER see your abs if you don’t eat properly. For some people that could mean meal timing, macro counting, or just making better decisions. I’ve seen people make transformations on all sorts of templates. However, I have never seen anyone hit their abs so hard that they just woke up with a 6 pack one day. Maybe if you’re already super lean, but for anyone with fat to lose, that’s definitely not going to happen. It’s fine that it’s hard to do, it should be. Otherwise no one would ever be able to relate to your hard work. Be happy it’s hard to get there. Just getting there shows a lot about the kind of person you are. #abs #abroutines #aremadeinthekitchen #notricks #justwork

Here’s a great kettlebell only workout I tested out today.

Double KB Snatches 53/35

Since I started creating kettlebell only programs, they have been taking off with great responses. If you ever want to really get into kettlebells and do some hard stuff on the daily with limited equipment, shoot me a DM or an email 📬: ryan@crossfitchalk.com

#kettlebell #kettlebellworkout #workoutroutine #workoutroutines #crossfit

Digging the caffeine free @bangenergy drinks right now. Cotton Candy is a top seller at my gym in Orange County among the ladies. Can you guess what the top seller is for men? Inventor of bang: @vpxredlineceo

Post Christmas Party vibes. 😂. And yes that is me in the photo from the 2012 CrossFit Regionals. It was over 100 degrees and were working out on an all black asphalt parking lot for hours. I had a heat stroke and legit almost died. Luckily I won the event just prior to this moment which immediately turned into me being carried off the floor lol. Anyway, I feel similar to this right now. Should have taken some more advice from my last podcast on alcohol 🍺 consumption 😂. #christmasparty @crossfitchalk #anyoneelse

Things are looking up ;) @bangenergy is now available in caffeine free black cherry vanilla 😍. Inventor of bang: @vpxredlineceo

Haven’t done any benchmarks in such a long time. We did them all week in the gym and in the online community. When’s the last time you did a classic benchmark? I miss the classics 😍. #crossfitbenchmark #grace #chalknation #chalkonline

I officially have my own socks!

Every single day is another opportunity to broaden your horizons, expand your connection base, and act on your ideas. Until you do, it’s all just a bunch of “could of, would of, should of.” I could die any day, and be happy with my success. I don’t let anyone get in the way of my dreams and I always believe I can do something better (even when I had nothing). Even if I can’t or someone else can’t... I respect that person way more for trying than the next person saying they “should have” done that. Or they “were going” to do that. If you want something go and get it. Act! Even a failure can eventually lead to success 💪🏾. #motivationfriday #chalknation #crossfitchalk #chalkperformancetraining @crossfitchalk #therealchalkpodcast

Throwback to the 2012 OC Throwdown event in Orange County. When’s the last time you saw some ring HSPUs programmed? At the time myself and all the other athletes were going crazy trying to figure out how to do these in the warm up area. We all did them strict except for 1 guy (@tommyhacksaw) who figured out how to climb up using his feet and then everyone copied it. It was such a great time to be a Crossfitter. Things were changing every year. New movements, new standards, and nothing was crazy heavy yet. There’s a lot more to be said about the community as well, but let’s just say it was definitely the golden years. I loved every second of it. Also, I was so poor at this time, that everything I’m wearing is borrowed and the shoes on my feet are almost 2 sizes too small. I got 2nd place and beat a lot of the athletes I use to watch on YouTube. Star struck immediately into wow... I can really do this. I will never forget this time. #whatatimetobealive #chasingdreams

News flash. The REAL CHALK Podcast with myself and your cohost @yayasview is KILLING it. Mainly because we keep it real and we don’t do an episode every single week. We wait until we have a good topic that we really love and believe in. Then we make sure we know every answer with the most effective way of delivery. And we usually laugh a lot too, because that’s an important part to holding your attention. I also might have a strong case of OCD and ADD. And maybe little IDGAF (I don’t give a fuc*). Anyway... What is the next topic you would LOVE to hear about? Doesn’t even have to be fitness related. Anything! We have some ideas, but we want to hear from you! #therealchalkpodcast #realchalkpodcast #realchalk

For those of you who love to Kill yourself... Grab a partner and give this hour throw down a go. Haven’t done anything that long in a while. Felt good. #crossfit #crossfitwod #teamwod #teamworkout @erinmonson

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