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R Y A N | D I L E L L O  ▪TV's So You Think You Can Dance All-Star ▪Natural Physique Devoted ▪Model ▪Coach ▪Love God, Family, Dance & Fitness #sytycd #fitness #fitnessmodel

Here's a shot from last week. Love working with this company @proform #icon #fitnessmodel

Happy Birthday America! 🎆🇺🇸 Land of the free, home of the brave. 🙏💪

The power of food... Here is what just 3 days of little to no sugar can do. I'm flexing the abs in both. #nutrition

The greatest motivation to become a better man is knowing someone looks up to you. This little princess has mad a greater impact on my life than anything else could. #happyfathersday

How much pulling vs pushing do you do in your workouts...? I've been focusing more and more on my back to support my spine and create better muscular balance. And so far I'm pretty happy with the visual results too 😊 What do you think?

Hey guys BIG News! If you haven't seen @ashleighdilello 's post yet, you can now get 7 Days FREE to her Fitness & Nutrition App #TheNewThin!! All the workouts, meal plans, motivation, mindset & her AMAZING private community that has already changed the lives of hundreds of women! 🙌🙌 Yep... I said FREE! 😊 Link in my bio.

This little lady is the real deal. Happy Mother's Day @ashleighdilello

Be ambitious... #embraceambition

4 years ago my life changed forever... I became a daddy, the most important responsibility I will ever have... And I never could have imagined just how special, smart, funny, loving, expressive, creative, and tender hearted this little girl would become. Happy Birthday Sofia! I'm lucky to be your dad 😊

What is your focus....? If you have no clear focus in your life, it will always be blurry... SEE what you want every day and you will do what it takes to get it. #mindset

Haven't posted much since my back injury but I'm getting back on the wagon today with this thought...
"Stop criticizing yourself for everything you aren't and start appreciating yourself for everything you are!"
Progress happens when you recognize your successes, not your failures. I challenge you to look for at least one thing you are grateful for about yourself each day this week. Like this photo or let me know in the comment below if you are in 👍

"You are what you eat." Go organic... Use Code RYAN10 for 10% off. Link in bio ⬆ @idealraw #organicprotein #organic #organicsupplements #partner

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