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Be ambitious... #embraceambition

4 years ago my life changed forever... I became a daddy, the most important responsibility I will ever have... And I never could have imagined just how special, smart, funny, loving, expressive, creative, and tender hearted this little girl would become. Happy Birthday Sofia! I'm lucky to be your dad 😊

What is your focus....? If you have no clear focus in your life, it will always be blurry... SEE what you want every day and you will do what it takes to get it. #mindset

Haven't posted much since my back injury but I'm getting back on the wagon today with this thought...
"Stop criticizing yourself for everything you aren't and start appreciating yourself for everything you are!"
Progress happens when you recognize your successes, not your failures. I challenge you to look for at least one thing you are grateful for about yourself each day this week. Like this photo or let me know in the comment below if you are in 👍

"You are what you eat." Go organic... Use Code RYAN10 for 10% off. Link in bio ⬆ @idealraw #organicprotein #organic #organicsupplements #partner

Tomorrow I turn 37... Sometimes I look at that number and think "dang, am I really that old?" But with age you also gain something that grows with each year on this earth: perspective. Did my body "slow down" when I hit my 30s? ... Yes. But did I accept that as a limitation? ... No, how could I? ... I do not have "the best" physique in the gym by any measure, but there is only ONE person we should EVER compare ourselves with: Our former self! Don't look at other people. Don't compare yourself to ANYONE! You are YOU! If you are making progress in your life, that is all that matters... Big or small. And if you are not progressing, what is holding you back? ... You can start now! You can start TODAY! What you decide is up to you. #perspective #progress #liveyourlife

Yes, I've taken a break from posting... Over Christmas break I threw my back out so bad snowmobiling that I literally couldn't walk or tie my shoes. It has been humbling... But at the same time a blessing... It has forced me to go back to the basics and has reminded me that the most simple of exercises can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in your training and performance. Now I am all the MORE determined to blast past where I was before, but with an even stronger foundation. #foundation #core #protectyourfreakingback

Weighed in at 192lbs today. 💪 Not as lean as I normally stay but on my way to my goal of a super lean 195 🙌. #goals

Check out this sample of the workouts you get in @ashleighdilello 's new fitness AND nutrition app - The New Thin!! 💪 You only have until midnight tonight to get LIFETIME Access and be entered into the VIP 30-Day Challenge where the winner get's $1000! 💵 2nd place gets $250 of organic supplements and 3rd place gets $150 of organic supplements!! Link is in my bio: thenewthinchallenge.com

13 years married to this absolutely incredible woman. She is the light of my life. How did I ever get so lucky? Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful, caring, determined, and inspiring wife a man could ever have! I love you @ashleighdilello!!

The difference between those who "want" and those who "get" is the amount of time & effort put in. That's it... How far are you willing to stretch yourself? #happymonday

Who else feels this way?? Please like and share this post to show @instagram how much we hate their new algorithms. And maybe they'll hear us...unless they don't show this to any of you 😆.

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