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Ryan Fauzan  A strange yet uncanny person

30s a night.
Winning record.

"I had a dream... I had a dream I was flying over all of us. There were so many pretty people, so many pretty faces. I talked to some birds, I fell in love again, and none of this ever ended..."

Raw x Gdg

Lamborgotti Ferrerro

What if, lamps are like candles that stays on the ground where it's out once you blow it? And candles are like lamps that are up on the ceiling where you'll need electricity to power it on?

Sriwijaya alig juga sekarang

I want you to really want me too
I need you to really need me too
... -HONNE
#design #designjokes #designerjokes #value #values

Udah coba banyak.
Keluar semenanya ga dibeli.
Malah foto.
Dasar, tipikal.

Maav ini ga lucu.

The first wave, rush onward with uninterrupted sweep.

❤️ Comic Sans 24/7 30/24 365/30 4/20

#designlife #shamelesslife

Ala ala putih kosong. Kayak otak lu. Hehe.
Emang ga ada estetikanya sih

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