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reaction of filming the sickest drone clip. And being the only bmx rider to ride on the tallest building west of the Mississippi. But I just can’t wait to get back to LA and meet my little boy! I have so many memories from LA, as soon as I get hyped thinking about them it means nothing because the whole reason I was working so hard was to be there with my son. But 2019 looking 🏆💯 @zackwburke Image⚡️

Project GTR.

GAME CHANGER / ONLINE TUESDAY / 6PM / @collectivebikes #BMX

I had the pleasure of meeting @fightlikemicky today. WOW. This kid kicked cancer in the face and fought a battle they said he wouldn’t be able to. He’s just undergone a bone marrow operation and things are looking amazing for this little savage.

He’s been in the hospital raising money for kids in Gambia & other countries. The fact he looks to me for motivation and positivity blows my mind, I got you bro. See ya soon. #fightlikemicky

Uncle / @certifam

My Uncle @ferdicomingfast JUST TOOK A SLAM!!! NOOOO!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 FOLLOW @ferdicomingfast !!!!

OF COURSE IT’S RAINING!!!! Today (Kachette, 11AM) LET’S GO!

1st of December / Shoreditch / Game Changer by: @lack_of_user_names

So happy with how the @collectivebikes #C100 turned out.
Game Changer available now!

OF course the Jordan’s gonna be @crepprotect Cured.

On top. Till I’m underground.
NEW VLOG ALERT!!! 8PM!!! #certifam

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