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Ryan Evernden  🏋🏼 Co-Founder & Head Coach @ FSC. 💪Enjoys helping people improve 🐳 Former Swimmer 📧coachryan@formidablestrength.com.au


Just getting stronger and stronger
#beformidable #pb

Great to have Debbie from @ballet_barbells_debbi down at FSC to help me with the guys in the FSC Club membership.

Always happy to help out.
• • •
Short little deadlift sesh this afternoon, getting some pointers from @ryan_evernden at the fantastic @formidablestrength before the strong squad arrived for training!
There will be slow progress, but progress there will be! I still can't quite get over how cack my deadlift has become but I will get back to 150kg if it kills me!
Every training session is a step forward even if there is not much weight on the bar! Quality over quantity, concentrating on form and reminding my body what it feels like to lift properly!
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Taking advantage of a deload week by working on some technique.

Today's drill is designed to get better engagement through the lats, traps and rhomboids during a hip hinge movement.

Focus on setting the body with shoulders fully protracted and hands below the bar. Retract the shoulder so your hands are in line with the bar by engaging the lats, traps and rhomboids. Hold the position and then lift while focusing on maintaining back engagement.

#beformidable #techniquefirst
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Return of Matt Courtney!! Welcome back mate! Great to see you when you're healthy and not looking like a pair of chopsticks!

First day back and PB for 8reps! Just shows that when you're healthy what you can actually do! (touch wood)

#beformidable #touchwood #comeback #inspiration

Video of the big guy learning some squat patterning.

Really looking forward to working with @_josh_armstrong_ and the rest of the @tuart_hill_swimming_club building their S&C program.
#beformidable #strengthandconditioning #swimming #swimwa

A video of Tom not dead lifting 😱😱 Nice PB man but still a long way to go!


Squat Tech work.
This is a nifty drill I like to use when clients have trouble sitting into their heels and keeping the weight inline with their center of gravity.

I've found that excessive shin angles can lead to too much weight going over the toes resulting in a decrease in power and stability due to a decrease in glute activation and the transfer of weight in front of the centre of gravity. This results in added strain on their patella tendon and an increase in back extension during their squats.

The drill is simple, if they hit the roller their knees are coming too far forward due to the weight shift away from their center of gravity.
#beformidable #squats #techniquefirst

6 months ago barely able to do banded chins ⏰⏰⏰
Now= weighted chins

Progress 📈

Great job @jordanatonner
#beformidable #strengthandconditioning #chinups #progress #followtheprocess #swimming @sthildas_swimclub

Bring your boots next time
@niallhayres #epicfail #bloopers #lastrep

Lateral change of direction work from @niallhayres
Focus is on applying as much force to the outside foot as possible.

#beformidable #strengthandconditioning #agility #changeofdirection #perth #athleticdevelopment

Post legs feels with coach @simon_le_couilliard
#legday #beformidable #cramps

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